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Podcast Farming Today
Podcast Farming Today

Farming Today


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  • 29/11/21 - Seasonal Worker Pilot, water sustainability and public sector food procurement
    People in Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Nepal are apparently keen to work on UK farms. The Association of Labour Providers tells us all three countries have been liaising with companies running the Government’s Seasonal Worker Pilot scheme. Meanwhile, the Home Office says a decision on the future of the pilot will be made “in due course”. Water is no longer something that farmers take for granted - over the past few years we’ve reported on both very wet weather and long dry spells destroying crops. Now 50 leading UK food and drink companies have signed up to support a new Water Roadmap, which aims to improve the availability and quality of water across 20 target areas. And the campaign group Sustain wants the Government to buy more - and higher quality - British food for the public sector. It says the £2.4 billion budget spent on food for hospitals, prisons and schools should support British farmers, spend taxpayer money in rural areas and provide people with healthier food. Presented by Charlotte Smith Produced for BBC Audio in Bristol by Heather Simons
  • 27/11/21 Farming Today This Week: Croptec Show, wildlife crime, National Trust's ban on trail hunting
    This week we go from big machines to a small but powerful app. Along the way we’ll talk about the increase in wildlife crime - and the decrease in convictions, and the National Trust’s ban on trail hunting, something the pro hunt Countryside Alliance describes as disappointing. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Beatrice Fenton.
  • 26/11/21 - Trail Hunting and the CropTec Show
    After so many months presenting the programme from home, Charlotte Smith is finally allowed out! She visits the CropTec Show in Peterborough to look at the latest innovation in farm machinery and test the mood among farmers. And, trail hunting will no longer be allowed on National Trust land, with the charity describing it as a ‘reputational risk‘. We ask what the future holds for trail hunting. Presented by Charlotte Smith Produced for BBC Audio in Bristol by Heather Simons
  • 25/11/21 - Farming for the Future Award winner, wildlife crime, bird flu lockdown and electrical weed control
    Last year saw a marked increase in wildlife crime, but a decrease in convictions. A report out today from Wildlife and Countryside LINK says reports of likely crimes against badgers were up 36% on 2019 and those against raptors doubled. All poultry in the UK must be kept indoors from Monday to limit the spread of bird flu. The Governments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have agreed that flocks must be confined and strict biosecurity measures followed. Wild birds migrating to the UK from Europe during the winter can carry the disease and spread it to birds kept outside. And Charlotte Smith announces the winner of the Farming for the Future Award at the BBC Food and Farming Awards. Presented by Charlotte Smith Produced for BBC Audio in Bristol by Heather Simons
  • 24/11/21 - Pesticide regulation, breeding disease resistance in seeds, regenerative dairy farming
    New research questions whether the rules assessing the toxicity of pesticides are doing enough to prevent harm to pollinators. Regulation of pesticides usually focuses on the impact of the active ingredients of a product, but this study found a additional chemical used in commercial fungicides in the UK can damage the health of bumblebees. We visit a seed breeding organisation where they're developing winter wheat that can resist diseases like yellow rust and septoria. And ‘regenerative farming’ has been gaining attention around the world as a means of improving soils, increasing biodiversity and mitigating climate change. Big companies like Nestle, Unilever, McCain and Pepsi have announced they’ll be investing in the idea, but so far there’s little data-driven proof of its impact. We find out about a project run by the dairy co-operative Arla which will gather data from 24 farms across Europe. Presented by Anna Hill Produced for BBC Audio in Bristol by Heather Simons

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