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Podcast NPR: Up First

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  • Biden-Trudeau Talks, TikTok CEO Testifies, March Madness Returns
    U.S. President Joe Biden heads to Canada for talks dominated by illegal immigration and Haiti, TikTok's CEO testifies in Congress and March Madness returns after several upsets in the opening rounds.
  • Bank Rescues, California Central Valley Floods, Imran Khan Rally in Pakistan
    President Joe Biden brands the latest banking aid as a lifeline for jobs and small businesses, San Joaquin Valley residents assess storm damage and Imran Khan supporters gather in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • GOP Support for Trump, LA School Walkout, Fed Fights Inflation
    Republican lawmakers back ex-President Donald Trump ahead of his potential arrest, staff in the nation's second-largest school district plan a walkout in Los Angeles and the Federal Reserve weighs interest rate hikes.
  • Putin Meets Xi, Trump Faces Charges in New York, UBS Buys Credit Suisse
    Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with President Vladimir Putin, New York prosecutor Alvin Bragg weighs potential charges against former President Donald Trump, and UBS buys rival Credit Suisse in a historic deal to avert a spreading global banking crisis.
  • The Sunday Story: America's first female president?
    On October 2, 1919, then President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke that left him blind in one eye, partially paralyzed and barely able to write his own name. He was in the midst of his second term. For the remainder of his presidency, some 17 months, his wife managed his duties, serving as a kind of de facto president. Today, as we celebrate Women's History Month, Steve Inskeep joins us to share his interview with Rebecca Boggs Roberts, author of Untold Power: The Fascinating Rise and Complex Legacy of First Lady Edith Wilson.

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