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  • A TikToking off in Parliament
    The social media app has been banned from all parliamentary phones. Adam and Chris are joined by the former conservative leader, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, who explains why he thinks TikTok should be banned on ministers' personal phones. He also gives his reaction to Boris Johnson's evidence to MPs on Partygate. Tony Schumacher, Screen Writer for the Bafta nominated TV police drama ‘The Responder’, shares how the series was inspired by his own experiences as a police officer. And, has Chris Mason managed to complete his challenge from Anneka Rice? Listen to find out! Today’s Newscast was hosted by Adam Fleming and Chris Mason and was made by Cordelia Hemming with Cat Farnsworth and Chris Flynn. The senior news editor is Sam Bonham.
  • Partygate: The Afterparty
    The BBC's Adam Fleming, Chris Mason and Vicki Young are joined by Will Walden, Boris Johnson's former Director of Communications, to dissect the key moments of Boris Johnson’s grilling by MPs over the Partygate scandal. They also discuss the day’s other big Westminster stories. Today’s Newscast was presented by Adam Fleming and Chris Mason. It was made by Sam Bonham with Cordelia Hemming and Cat Farnsworth.
  • The Johnson Defence
    What can we expect from Boris Johnson’s Partygate grilling on Wednesday? Adam is joined by Chris Mason and the Guardian’s Pippa Crerar to look ahead to the former prime minister’s much-anticipated appearance before the Commons Privileges Committee. And Baroness Casey is in the studio to go over the details of her damning report which says that the Metropolitan Police force is "institutionally racist, misogynist and homophobic". Today’s Newscast was presented by Adam Fleming and made by Tim Walklate with Cordelia Hemming, Chris Flynn and Cat Farnsworth. The technical producer was Michael Regaard. The senior news editor was Damon Rose.
  • The DUP, IPCC, RMT and Xi
    A legion of experts join Adam to make sense of a busy news day. Chris Mason outlines the DUP’s decision to vote against the government’s Brexit plans and the move by RMT members at Network Rail to accept a pay deal. World affairs editor John Simpson dials in with leading Russia expert Angela Stent to chew over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin. And, can we avert a climate disaster? Tom Rivett-Carnac, a former UN adviser who worked on the 2015 Paris climate agreement, gives his assessment on the latest IPCC report on climate change. Today’s Newscast was presented by Adam Fleming and made by Tim Walklate with Rufus Gray, Miranda Slade and Cordelia Hemming. The technical producer was Michael Regaard. The senior news editor was Sam Bonham.
  • Challenge Peston
    In a week that’s featured the PM’s visit to the US, a Budget and a potential resolution to the NHS pay dispute, Adam is joined by ITV’s Robert Peston to unpack a busy few days in politics. Legendary 90s TV show Challenge Anneka is back - the programme’s eponymous host tells us what to expect. And the BBC’s James Gallagher and CBBC’s Dr Xand Van Tulleken discuss the latest advice from a new study into peanut allergies. Today’s Newscast was presented by Adam Fleming and made by Tim Walklate with Madeleine Drury, Miranda Slade and Rufus Gray. The technical producer was Philip Bull. The senior news editor was Damon Rose.

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