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WorkLife with Adam Grant

Podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant
Podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife with Adam Grant


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  • The science of performing under pressure with Sian Beilock
    Sian Beilock is a cognitive scientist who specializes in why we choke under pressure. She’s also the first woman to be elected President of Dartmouth College. Sian shares with Adam her unique perspective on delivering results in high-stress environments, the value of sitting with discomfort, and strategies for guarding against performance anxiety. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
  • ChatGPT did NOT title this podcast (w/ Allie Miller & Ethan Mollick)
    ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot capable of generating human-like text, seems to be everywhere. But how trustworthy are these tools -- and what do they mean for the future of writing and work? Adam brings AI entrepreneur Allie Miller and innovation and entrepreneurship professor Ethan Mollick to discuss the capabilities of ChatGPT, debate its merits and downfalls, and ponder what we should -- and shouldn’t -- leave to AI. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
  • The psychology of fiction with Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    As a novelist, Jennifer Lynn Barnes has earned acclaim from critics and fans alike – her series The Inheritance Games has sold over a million copies. Before she became a bestselling author, she was a leading researcher in psychology on what draws us to fiction – and how it affects us. Jennifer and Adam discuss the psychology of reading and writing, fiction and fandom, and the role of imagination in the stories we love most. Then a special guest co-host (Adam’s daughter!) asks Jennifer about creativity, her favorite characters, and what makes a piece of writing original. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
  • What animal intelligence reveals about human stupidity with Justin Gregg
    Justin Gregg is an animal cognition expert -- he studies what goes on inside the heads of other creatures, and what that means for us. He’s a captivating science writer: one of his specialties is explaining whether dolphins are actually smart, and his most recent book is “If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal.” In an expansive conversation, Justin and Adam discuss what makes the human mind unique, muse over the life lessons we might learn from the animal world, and debate whether or not, when it comes to consciousness, ignorance is really bliss. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
  • How Yo-Yo Ma sustains his creative energy
    Yo-Yo Ma began playing the cello at age four, played for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower at age seven, and has been touring the world since. He’s released over 100 albums and won 19 Grammy awards, and he’s won both the National Medal of the Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Yo-Yo talks with Adam about his experience with burnout, how he sustains his energy and creativity, and what it means for music to connect –and celebrate– humanity. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at

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