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  • WhatsApp: We speak to boss, Will Cathcart
    Shiona McCallum is at Meta's London HQ to chat to WhatsApp boss, Will Cathcart. We explore their response to the UK's Online Safety Bill and ask about the future of payments through the app. Also in this episode the latest with TikTok as the platform tries to reassure governments it is taking data security seriously and could the sky be full of drones? We speak to one company who think they'll be doing more deliveries soon.
  • Why are some governments worried about TikTok?
    We look at why some governments are worried about TikTok. We hear about pregnancy discrimination in tech and an expert tells us about the future of noise.
  • Big Tech's big legal headache
    The US Supreme Court is hearing claims that big tech firms such as Google and Twitter should be considered the publishers of the harmful content that appears on their platforms. Dr. Mary Anne Franks, president of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, tells us how it could change the way the internet works everywhere in the world. A year on from the Russian invasion of Ukraine we speak to one of the country's thousands of tech workers about how she has adapted to living and working in a time of war - and the government tells us the tech sector has kept growing, despite the destruction and loss of life. We find out about how some internet users in South Africa have had to become night owls because of the soaring cost of mobile data. And how users can ride a virtual reality jet-ski - just by thinking about it. (Photo: Attorney Eric Schnapper speaks to the press outside the US Supreme Court following oral arguments in Gonzalez v Google, a landmark case about whether technology companies should be liable for harmful content their algorithms promote, 21 February, 2023. Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
  • Apple workers accuse firm of 'union busting'
    One employee tells the BBC the tech giant has been attempting to 'scare' staff. The firm says it continues to 'make enhancements to our industry-leading benefits as a part of the overall support we provide to our valued team members.' We'll also hear from the African Tech Summit taking place in Kenya. And we learn how a small team of visual effects artists created the look of the stunning Oscar contender - Everything, Everywhere All at Once - using laptops in their bedrooms. Image credit: Reuters/ Joshua Roberts
  • The AI search race is on
    Three big players in internet search have announced plans to integrate AI but can Google and Baidu rival Microsoft's team-up with ChatGPT? We also explore how old pictures and video are being shared online as from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. And why officials in the UK and US have named seven Russian men as being behind some of the most infamous cyber crime groups of recent years. (Photo: Microsoft Bing search demonstration at its launch event. Credit: Jason Redmond/AFP)

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