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Other People's Problems

Podcast Other People's Problems
Podcast Other People's Problems

Other People's Problems


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  • Other People’s Problems Introduces: The Heart: SISTERS
    The Heart is an audio art project about power and love. From CBC Podcasts, Mermaid Palace and Radiotopia. SISTERS is a 5 episode series that follows the journey of an older and younger sister from birth to adulthood. Natalie and Kaitlin went from being childhood rivals to being best friends. When the sisters decide to work together to create the very podcast series you are about to listen to, they face challenges they never anticipated. Sibling rivalry, mental health struggles and the daunting task of creating an audio series about it all: can these women overcome the patterns they learned in childhood and live in harmony as adults? More episodes are available at:
  • Patti: You don’t need to be perfect to be lovable
    A COVID scare in the kids’ group Patti manages wakes up the perfectionist inside her — the part of her that feels she needs to be perfect in order to deserve connection with others. She and Dr. Hillary trace this feeling back to her younger years, and help Patti draw from her personal growth to comfort that version of herself.
  • Guided meditation: The shape of breathing
    As we wind down the season, Dr. Hillary McBride invites you to catch your breath and feel yourself in this particular moment. Imagining as you exhale that this breath could support you in the practice of letting go.
  • Kristin: Let yourself be excited about friendship
    Kristin recognizes she feels isolated and alone, at least in part because she’s kept people at a distance to protect herself from getting hurt. Dr. Hillary uses her own relationship with Kristin to model friendship and the excitement that can come from deep connection.
  • Vanessa: Surviving the fear that 'everyone leaves'
    Dr. Hillary needs to tell her longtime client Vanessa that she’s pregnant and that they'll soon need to take a break, when Hillary goes on maternity leave. This is hard to hear for Vanessa, who has been left, physically and emotionally, by important people in her life when she needed them most. Hillary helps Vanessa navigate the pain of feeling abandoned while also assuring her: although their situation will change, their bond is secure.

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Other People's Problems

Other People's Problems

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