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Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

Podcast Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior
Podcast Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior


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  • The Save Democracy Challenge
    Dictators and aspiring tyrants want us to be demoralized, to be bullied psychologically into submission. Bullies are always surprised when people resist and fight back. The 2022 Midterms were a historic time of fighting back: the first major elections since the violent attempted overthrow of our democracy. People showed up and organized in record numbers, denying Trump's Big Lie and the America First fascist movement the victories they needed to steal the electoral college in 2024. Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are all protected by elected public servants who believe in democracy, and that's thanks to voters and organizers who refused to be intimidated. In this week's special episode, we highlight four Gaslit Nation listeners who worked hard to protect our democracy in the midterms, some volunteering as far as Ukraine.   In this inspiring conversation, you'll meet Dr. Nicole Speer, a recently elected member of the Boulder City Council who manages a brain imaging research facility at the University of Colorado. She shares her story of running for office and how others can do the same. You'll also hear from Hugh Stempfley of Illinois who trained as an election judge alongside his grandson, and shares their story of two generations on the frontlines of protecting our democracy. Jed Holtzman of San Francisco is active in his community advocating for policies and other actions to urgently protect our civilization from man-made climate change and his advice on why text-banking is a great way to pitch in, even if you only have an hour to spare. And finally, you'll meet entrepreneur Isaac Flanagan who left his comfortable home in Colorado to bring desperately needed humanitarian supplies to the frontlines of Russia's genocidal invasion of Ukraine, even while helping get out the vote in the U.S. midterm by calling voters in a California swing House district. We thank everyone who helped get out the vote in these and all elections. Our democracy depends on you, even though it shouldn't. Thank you to everyone who works hard to protect our democracy and shows why we always say: grassroots power is the most reliable power we have left.   In our bonus episode, available to subscribers at the Truth-teller level and higher, we cover the International Criminal Court at The Hague that just indicted war criminal Putin -- an arrest notice that makes Putin a wanted man in well over 100 countries. We also touch on the potential Trump indictment which noticeably isn't coming from the DOJ. We also answer questions submitted by our listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher. Thank you to everyone who supports the show and keeps our civic-action community and independent journalism going. We couldn't make this show without you!  
  • Teaser - Putin Indicted...Trump Next?
    Mass-murdering genocidal maniac and proud Russian imperialist and cult of Stalin worshipper Vladimir Putin has been indicted by the International Criminal Court at The Hague. This means there are 123 countries, including every European Union nation, that is legally obligated to arrest Putin should he step foot on their soil. It also means there's no going back to business as usual with Russia as long as Putin is in power.  The ICC indictment and Putin's disasterous war put a big target on Putin's head. Fellow war criminal Igor Girkin who oversaw the early days of Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to openly critize Putin, telling him to "shut up" and accuses him of using a body double while the real Putin hides behind long tables. The in-fighting among Russian elite continues, threatening Putin's grip on power. He should stay away from windows and tea parties. Will an indictment of Trump, Putin's favorite asset -- a multi-decade investment via laundered dirty Russian money -- be next? This week's bonus episode, excerpted here, opens with a discussion of the Putin indicment and the potential for a Trump indictment. We go on to answer questions from our listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher. To submit questions to our regular Q&As, and join our community of listeners, subscribe and support our independent journalism by signing up at 
  • Peter Thiel’s Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Dreams
    It looks like the Libertarians of Silicon Valley suddenly love government when they need the government to bail them out. Socialism for the mega-rich, taxes and fascism for the rest of us. In this week’s episode, we delve into the fantasy hellscape of Peter Thiel, his investments in surveillance tech and A.I. that would give aspiring autocrats like him unstoppable power; Dictator Xi of China as a warning of what could happen to the United States if the Silicon Valley Libertarian Fascist Brigade usher in Big Brother 2.0, why Democrats aren’t doing more to stop them (because some are cashing in!). Thiel’s allegedly instigated banking collapse comes at an opportune time. Rattling the economy when the 2024 presidential elections are around the corner will drive economic anxiety and uncertainty at a time when Democrats need to defend the White House. This will pave the way for a wannabe fascist dictator like Ron DeSantis, the Viktor Orban of Florida, who is using the kind of anti-gay laws Putin used to consolidate power in Russia. DeSantis just gave an interview to Walter Duranty of Fox News, telling Tucker Carlson that supporting Ukraine in the face of an existential genocide from a modern day Hitler is not in the U.S. interests, which means he’s secured Russia’s help in the upcoming election. In our bonus episode, we answer questions from our listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher. This week’s discussion includes why we should keep an eye on Russia’s threat of invading Moldova (again!) to open up a new front to seize Ukraine; how to hold onto hope and push back against corruption; and how to organize one’s life to be creative and productive despite the hellscape we find ourselves in, and a fun story about a recent run-in with Hillary Clinton, possible Gaslit Nation listener? If you want to keep Gaslit Nation going and support the show, join our community of listeners on Patreon to get access to weekly bonus shows, ask us anything in our regular Q&As, and join live events. We couldn’t produce the journalism the world needs without you!  Show Notes: Opening clip: Closing clip: Formal Reprimand of Rep. Frank Is Urged by House's Ethics Panel A lot of people heard what Barney Frank said about the new banking law. Few knew he works for a bank. GOP blames Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on ‘ESG’ policies. Here’s what to know. Congress just approved a bill to dismantle parts of the Dodd-Frank banking rule Ron DeSantis says backing Ukraine is not in the U.S. interest, a sign of a GOP divided Congressional Stock Trading - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show Dozens in Congress beat stock market in 2022 despite downturn on Wall Street: analysis      
  • Teaser - Will Russia Invade Moldova to Seize Ukraine?
    This is an excerpt of our Gaslit Nation bonus episode where we answer questions submitted by our listeners. To submit your own questions and to get access to our bonus episodes and never miss a show, subscribe on Patreon. You won't hear every episode of Gaslit Nation unless you subscribe at 
  • Against National Divorce
    This week Gaslit Nation is running an audiobook excerpt from Sarah’s book THEY KNEW: How a Culture of Conspiracy Keeps America Complacent. We are running this excerpt now because we are appalled by the pundits and politicians proposing “national divorce”. We want you to understand the conspiracy of kleptocrats behind it. Theirs is not a grassroots initiative, it’s an organized attempt of plutocrats to shake you down by pushing civil war and hardening facile definitions of “red” and “blue” states. Sarah wrote THEY KNEW in 2021 and it is horrifying to see the plots described years ago attempt to come to fruition. This does NOT mean that the victory of the treasonous plutocrats is inevitable. It means we the people must fight back, and the best way to fight back is with the truth. We do not want Americans to fall for opportunistic and destructive rhetoric, and therefore we are warning you of what they are trying to accomplish and what will happen if they succeed.  Our message is coming to you from the state of New York and from the state of Missouri – two states that are purple, purple like a bruise. Gaslit Nation will return next week will our usual breakdown of current events. For our thoughts on ongoing issues like Russia and China’s alliance, the war on Ukraine, and the lack of accountability from the DOJ and other agencies, listen to our Patreon bonus episode. Every week we do a Q & A with our listeners and additional commentary. You can access this episode and an archive of hundreds of past episodes by joining at the Truth-Teller level or higher. Gaslit Nation is made possible solely by our listeners and Patreon subscribers. If you like the show, tell a friend or leave a review. If you’d like to ensure we can keep the show going, join us on Patreon! We thank you for your support.

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Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior

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