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  • Tundu Lissu: ‘It feels awesome to be home’
    Chadema opposition leader Tundu Lissu has returned to Tanzania, after spending almost five years in exile. He tells us he has received assurances about his safety from the country’s president Samia Suluhu Hassan. Plus, deaths from HIV and AIDS have fallen by 50% in Malawi since 2010. We look at what steps have been taken there, and what other countries can learn from their approach. As the African Development Bank hosts a food summit in Dakar, we look at how challenging traditional gender roles can help boost food security.
  • Tundu Lissu returns to Tanzania
    The Tanzanian opposition leader, Tundu Lissu is back in the country from self-imposed exile. Tanzanians are happy he's back... but will he be allowed to operate freely? A thousand cholera deaths in Malawi makes it the worst outbreak in its history.  Three other countries are struggling to contain the illness as well. We'll hear what efforts are being made. Also: a new report on justice for Africa's children as ever more of them are forced from the playground and into a gruelling labour market. Those stories and more in this podcast with Audrey Brown.
  • Africa Today road safety special
    This special edition of the Africa Today podcast looks at the issue of road safety across the continent. World Health Organization data shows that Africa’s roads are the most dangerous on earth. We look at the extent of the problem, and what governments can do to improve the situation. We have a special report from South Africa, which has some of the continent's most dangerous roads. More than 12,500 people were killed in traffic accidents there in 2021, and almost four in ten were pedestrians. Rwanda bucks the continent-wide trend, and has made big advances in road safety. What are they doing that other governments could learn from? On average 17 people die every day on Nigeria's roads. We find out what the authorities are doing about the problem.
  • Russian FM Lavrov visits South Africa
    Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has visited South Africa, holding talks with his counterpart Naledi Pandor. Pretoria has resisted pressure from western governments to criticise Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Plus, there has been outrage in eSwatini over the killing of the prominent human rights lawyer and political activist Thulani Maseko. We get an update from a journalist who is following events. And the arrest of renowned journalist Ihsane el-Kadi caused a storm in Algeria last month. We speak to his daughter Tin Hinane about the case against him and press freedom in the country.
  • Somalia says Al Shabab attacked military base
    The Somali ministry of information says Al Shabab fighters stormed a military base this morning, killing a base commander among others. Al Shabab claims it killed many more. We'll hear what happened. Also, a hearing to determine if a class action against the mining giant Anglo-American for allegedly poisoning thousands of Zambians at a lead mine can go ahead. Plus, encouraging youngsters to read in Sierra Leone. And our resident presidents on Ethiopia's peace process. Those stories in this podcast presented by Audrey Brown.

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