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5 live Science Podcast

5 live Science Podcast

Podcast 5 live Science Podcast
Podcast 5 live Science Podcast

5 live Science Podcast


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  • Festive Q&A: Rubies, Robots and Christmas 'Rapping'
    This week, your Christmas science questions and a sprinkling of festive fun as Julia Ravey hears about a planet where it rains rubies, robots that feel pain, a crab with a hairy chest, and how to make a top science rap hit! Get the podcast from the BBC Sounds app.
  • Covid, NASA, and Wood!
    Put on some safety goggles as Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team ignite your bunsen burners with the hottest science news stories, analysis and breakthroughs. We investigate the rising number of Covid cases across Europe, why’s it happening, and where does the UK stand? Plus, why is NASA on a collision course with an asteroid? And as we strive for better sustainability, we investigate the strengths of one of our oldest, and most environmentally-friendly building materials… wood!
  • Climate Change and Covid
    As pressure on the NHS intensifies, are covid vaccine passports on the cards? Plus, the scientists using nanotechnology to make silk shirts that cool you down when the sun shines on them! And We look back on what was and wasn’t said at the COP-26 climate change summit, and ask how is climate change already taking its toll on all of us.
  • Malaria, Mars, and Monstrous Ducks!
    This week, it's Q&A time and we find out if there's an end in sight for malaria, how female vultures can have chicks without any males, what it's like to live on Mars for two weeks, and the flesh-eating ducks in Antarctica.
  • Climate Change, Dating and Spiders
    In this week's 5 Live Science, we go behind the scenes at the Glasgow COP-26 climate summit, hear about a new discovery into what makes two people click, and explore the science of spiders, including the world's most venomous ones.

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5 live Science Podcast

5 live Science Podcast

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