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The Media Show

Podcast The Media Show
Podcast The Media Show

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  • Another Warning for the BBC
    The media regulator Ofcom has released a review of how the BBC operates. It's considered how the BBC deals with complaints, how it approaches impartiality, and how it decides which services to provide. Across all three, Ofcom wants an improvement. Guests: Kevin Bakhurst, Group Director, Ofcom; Owen Meredith, Chief Executive, News Media Association; Roger Mosey, former Head of TV News, BBC; and Alice Enders, Head of Research, Enders Analysis Producer: Steven Williams Presenter: Ros Atkins
  • Carole Cadwalladr v Arron Banks: a victory for press freedom?
    Carole Cadwalladr gives her first interview after Brexit campaigner Arron Bank loses his libel case against her. Mr Banks, the founder of the pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU, sued the investigative journalist for defamation over comments she made about his relationship with the Russian state. Guests: Carole Cadwalladr, investigative journalist, and Sarah Palin, barrister, Doughty Street Chambers Presenter: Katie Razzall Producer: Helen Fitzhenry Clarification: It has been drawn to our attention by Mr Banks’ lawyers since this was broadcast that while the Judge states Ms Cadwalladr had found being subjected to cross examination very stressful, she also expressly noted that the cross examination was undertaken properly and professionally by Mr Banks’ Leading Counsel. Furthermore, during the course of the trial Ms Cadwalladr accepted that the tweet that was put to her did not actually accuse her of sleeping with a fellow journalist. Mr Banks’ lawyers say that he did not sue TED Talks because it is based in the United States (which does not allow enforcement of English libel judgments); nor could he have sued the Observer because Ms Cadwalladr was not acting on behalf of the newspaper but rather as an individual. They also make the point that the allegations previously published by Ms Cadwalladr in the Observer were different to those made in the TED talk.
  • GB News: One Year On
    GB News launched one year ago this week. It promised to disrupt - to hear people, places and issues that other media outlets weren’t paying attention to. The show’s design was certainly different. The opening monologue came from a studio that was almost entirely black. Viewers were noting this, they were noting sound issues too – the start of a range of technical issues for the network as a whole. Within weeks Andrew Neil was on holiday never to return. Within months, Nigel Farage had taken over a primetime show of his own. GB News Chief Executive, Angelos Frangopoulos talks to The Media Show about where the channel has come from and where it goes next. Presenter: Ros Atkins Producer: Helen Fitzhenry
  • Dan Walker and Reporting on the Royals
    Dan Walker has quit BBC Breakfast for a job presenting Channel 5’s flagship news show - what made him go? Also in the programme, as the media prepares for days of Jubilee coverage, are journalists who report on the Royal family capable of ever being truly critical? Guests: Dan Walker, Presenter, 5 News, Jonny Dymond, Royal correspondent, BBC News, Chris Ship, Royal editor, ITV News, and Dr Laura Clancy, Lecturer, Lancaster University Presenter: Katie Razzall Producer: Helen Fitzhenry
  • Partygate - is the story over?
    Sue Gray’s report into what went on in Downing Steet during lockdown has finally been published. We now know that staff broke covid rules with the approval of their bosses. Excessive drinking, with people being sick, abuse of cleaning and security staff – events, Sue Gray says, that “should not have been allowed to happen”. Details of some of the events she investigated only became known to her because of reporting in the media. Ros Atkins asks what role the media has played in the whole saga. Also in the programme, Anneka Rice talks about the return of Challenge Anneka for Channel 5. Guests: Stephen Glover, columnist at the Daily Mail, David Yelland, former editor of The Sun and now director of the communications firm Kitchen Table Partners, Tim Montgomerie, founder of the Conservative Home website and former Boris Johnson advisor, Ayesha Hazarika, broadcaster and former Labour politician adviser, and Anneka Rice, presenter of Challenge Anneka Presenter: Ros Atkins Sound engineer: Tim Heffer Producer: Helen Fitzhenry

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