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Webcomics Reviews & Interviews

Podcast Webcomics Reviews & Interviews
Podcast Webcomics Reviews & Interviews

Webcomics Reviews & Interviews


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  • Self Publishing 101
    The biggest problem for most self-publishers is where to actually publish their books. We look at the differences between print on demand, hybrid publishing, offset printing, vanity printing, and traditional printing. We also look briefly at the services you need to make your book look great and how to sell it.
  • Where's My Colon?
    I've been gone from podcasting and blogging due to colon cancer, and I'm coming back. Also, the state of the empire is discussed.The Zazzle Store: Patreon Page:
  • Complete Business Checklist
    This episode is all about how to create your business from the beginning: It includes the kind of paperwork to look for, how to create business and marketing plans, and how to get people to your site. We also look at SEO and merchandise. In short, this podcast is for those serious about what they do.
  • Interview with Daniel Vivarelli
    We discuss how to grow your business with Daniel Vivarelli, and how you can grow it so that it helps not only you but also the environment. We discuss his history, his business theory, and what exactly "regenerative entrepreneurship" means for you. His sites: and
  • Interview with Metaphrog
    Interview with the couple known as Metaphrog (John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs). We look at how they create some of the best comics together, why they use different media (from acrylics to digital), and how their personal histories link up to the history of comics in general. Their SIte;

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Webcomics Reviews & Interviews

Webcomics Reviews & Interviews

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