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The Goal Digger Podcast

Podcast The Goal Digger Podcast
Podcast The Goal Digger Podcast

The Goal Digger Podcast


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  • 654: How I Hired Two New Team Members in Under 7 Days
    I was recently with a ton of other leaders in our industry and the topic of building a team came up a lot and I was shocked at how complicated some of the processes were around hiring. I’m not knocking them, but they just aren’t for me. From getting agents to help find candidates to having 5 part interviews or massive requirements, it just isn’t how I do things. People ask all of the time if we’re hiring and 99% of the time the answer is no, but we recently WERE hiring and we were able to hire two incredible new team members in under a week using our method of hiring – with a twist.  GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES  
  • 653: Is Your Life Suffering While Your Business Thrives? Here’s How to Fix It
    What could you do in 16 hours a week? Well, my guest today is going to share how she built and sustained a business with just that – first out of necessity but then out of desire. Shay Cochrane is a major proponent of NOT neglecting your life to be profitable. You can be a whole person while still building a successful business.  Shay’s wildly popular stock images subscription business, Social Squares, is evidence of that. Shay works just 16 hours a week so she can get back to being a human and mom and wife. Shay wants to encourage other entrepreneurs to tune out those distracting outside voices and dial into what you really want. You can do things differently, and this conversation will help you see what’s possible. Get 10% off your quarterly and annual Social Squares subscription with code: JENNABONUS GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES  
  • 652: How to Get a Longer Lifespan with Your Content
    It’s easy for us to feel like we’re constantly in creation mode. It becomes a process of churning and burning and our content doesn’t work FOR us, we’re just constantly working ON it. Well, it’s time that changes. Let's talk about how we can give our content a longer life span so that long after we hit publish, it’s still working for us and bringing us results. My third point in this episode will blow your mind and have you rethink your content creation process forever. Want to 20x your traffic in under an hour a week? Visit GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES  
  • 651: A Life-Changing Way to Think About Success and Happiness
    By the time Leila Hormozi was 29-years old she sold her first business for $50 million. By the age of 30, her portfolio of companies crossed $200M per year in portfolio revenue spanning brick & mortar service, licensing, education, e-commerce and more.  Those are some massive numbers. There’s no skirting that fact. But does bigger mean better? And does achieving big things = happiness? If you’ve ever achieved a big goal but found that that achievement didn’t automatically result in more happiness for you, keep listening to this conversation with Leila. I’m excited to have her on the podcast to talk about how she’s reframed what it means to be both happy and successful – honestly, the way she described it is life-changing. GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES  
  • 650: Don't Make THIS Mistake When It Comes to Personal Development
    Personal development has become a buzzword in the modern era, with individuals all over the world focusing on and ready to enhance themselves. The market for self-improvement products and services is booming, and it’s easy to become obsessed with the latest strategies, tactics, and techniques for personal growth.  But there’s one thing that I think keeps getting forgotten in this space where we’re challenged to learn and grow and do… it’s the PERSONAL part of developing. In this episode, we’ll discuss why it’s vital to remember that personal development is about the "personal" aspect as much as it is about the "development." In other words, it’s important to focus on the individualism of the process, rather than simply following generic blueprints. Get My Book: How Are You, Really? GOAL DIGGER FB COMMUNITY GOAL DIGGER INSTAGRAM GOAL DIGGER SHOWNOTES  

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