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At Lunch With...

Podcast At Lunch With...
Podcast At Lunch With...

At Lunch With...


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  • Clive Lewis MP
    For a long time, Becky Milligan has been dining out with political figures and recording the conversations for us. Here is a brand new At Lunch With…The Labour MP Clive Lewis. Becky Milligan took him out in his constituency in Norwich where they discussed him being cleared of sexual harassment charges by the Labour party, how being labelled the next future leader of his party was “a kiss of death” and why he uses a Parliamentary WhatsApp group as “therapy”. (Photo: Table setting Credit: BBC)
  • Dame Margaret Beckett MP and Ben Bradley MP
    Becky Milligan invited one of the longest serving MPs in the House of Commons Dame Margaret Beckett to have lunch with one of the youngest MPs Ben Bradley. Find out what kind of conversation a Labour veteran and a budding-new Conservative sounds like. (Image: Cutlery on a napkin, credit: BBC)
  • Steve Backshall
    Award winning naturalist and adventurer Steve Backshall is best known for presenting Deadly 60 on the BBC, where he meets the most dangerous animals on the planet. While filming his latest TV programme about dinosaurs, he talks to Becky Milligan about his little black book of secret reefs and caves, how blue a blue whale really is, and how often he thinks about going into politics (Photo:Table setting Credit: BBC)
  • Angela Rayner MP
    She has had a remarkable political ascent; elected an MP in 2015 Angela Rayner is now shadow education secretary. Becky Milligan went to her constituency in Ashton-under-Lyne for the latest installment of her ‘At Lunch With’ series. The Labour MP discusses life growing up on a council estate, how being a carer changed her from being a rebel to respecting those in authority and how being told she could be a possible leader of the Labour Party feels "ridiculous... for now, but maybe one day". (Photo: Table setting Credit: BBC)
  • Grant Shapps MP
    Grant Shapps is a former Conservative cabinet minister and party chairman. In some circles, he was once tipped to be a contender for prime minister. He is currently the MP for Welwyn Hatfield. Over lunch, he talks to Becky Milligan about his relationship with Theresa May; his resignation from government over the bullying scandal surrounding the suicide of a young Conservative activist; and his love of rap music. (Photo: Table setting Credit: BBC)

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At Lunch With...

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