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Podcast World Business Report
Podcast World Business Report

World Business Report


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  • New tax credits for US electric vehicles
    Under the new US guidance other carmakers would be able to partake in a subsidy for electric vehicles purchases if it meets a threshold set by the government for sourcing and processing components. The board of the International Monetary Fund has approved a four year package of loans for Ukraine, worth $15 billion. The IMF said the money would help ensure Ukraine's financial stability. Going to college is an expensive business - especially in the US. A recent poll found a majority of Americans don’t think a college degree is worth the cost - 56% of Americans think earning a four-year degree is a bad bet compared with 42% who retain faith in the credential. We hear from an NYU graduate.
  • Japan enters the chip war
    Following similar moves by the US and the Netherlands, Japan announces measures that could restrict the supply of semiconductors to China. Rahul Tandon finds out why the country is taking these steps now. As the IPL gets underway we take a look at how the broadcast deal for the world's richest cricket competition compares to other sports. And, are you one of the billions of Candy Crush players? We hear from the boss of the company behind the game on a potential takeover from Microsoft.
  • White House plans to strengthen the US banking system
    Banks with between $100 billion and $250 billion in assets are going to need to hold more liquid assets, increase their capital, submit to regular stress tests and write "living wills" according to President Joe Biden's latest plans to keep US banks afloat. We take a look at one of the world’s fastest ageing countries – Japan. Less than 800,000 births were reported in the country last year which has prompted the government to plan more incentives for family planning for young couples. Also we hear from an attorney in Orlando as Disney have managed to sidestep Florida's governors board plans with a clause that involves King Charles III.
  • Bankers who helped Putin's cellist convicted
    The 4 bank executives the Zurich branch of Gazprombank were found guilty allowing a friend of Vladimir Putin to deposit huge sums in Swiss banks. Rahul Tandon asks if the Swiss Government could have done more to prevent it happening. We get the latest as the International Court of Justice rules on a claim from Iran that Washington illegally allowed courts to freeze assets of Iranian companies. And we find out how much tax Premier League football clubs may have avoided paying.
  • US making investments across Africa
    The US is building stronger relationships in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia as Kamala Harris takes a tour of Africa and announces more investment on the continent as the US government attempts to play catch up as it sees countries like China and Russia making big investments.

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