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  • Fabian Domenech | Root Your Life in Authenticity
    Over the past decade, yoga participation in the United States has nearly tripled. This comes as no surprise to Fabian Domenech, who found his practice when he was juggling an aspiring fashion career, a full-time service industry job, and a CrossFit coaching schedule in the fast-paced city of London. Thanks to yoga, meditation and his extensive world travels, he’s since learned the power of self-love and the importance of detachment. On this episode, the Nike yoga teacher and CrossFit coach gets real about mental health, shares the feeling of community and belonging he finds in sport, and tells us what we can expect from each of his classes.Learn MoreThere’s no shortage of benefits from practicing yoga — hear from Nike yoga teachers Jonah Kest and Branden Collinsworth about their personal experiences.Find a variety of Fabian’s classes in the Nike Training Club app.Whether you’re flowing at home or in the studio, treat yourself to a fresh ’fit from the Nike yoga collection.
  • James Clear | Building Atomic Habits
    With three solid years on the New York Times bestseller list, James Clear’s Atomic Habits has made a habit of success. On this episode, the author and entrepreneur who has inspired millions of readers to change their health behaviors for the better puts it simply: Who we are reflects our habits. With his helpful metaphors and refreshingly straightforward and sustainable mindset techniques inspired by psychology greats, we can all build habits that make us shine.Learn MoreLearn more about James Clear and his weekly 3-2-1 newsletter on his website.Get a copy of Atomic Habits, then put your new tools to use with the Clear Habit Journal here.Check out more approaches to creating and unwinding habits on these Trained episodes featuring addiction psychiatrist Judson Brewer and behavior scientist BJ Fogg.
  • Maria Wada | Reinvention and Connection Through Yoga
    Nike yoga teacher Maria Wada used to be all about chasing dreams. That’s why she left her home country of Japan to pursue — and achieve — a career as a professional dancer in the United States. But in the face of success, she realized the sacrifices she made to get there weren’t always worth it. On this episode, she shares how her practice helped her reconnect with herself and strengthen her relationships with others. She also tells us how she’s been shaped by both Japanese and American culture, and how everyone can let go of ego, perfectionism and expectation to find fulfilment in movement. Learn MoreLearn more about Maria’s career and yoga practice through her website.Everyone’s relationship with movement is deeply personal — hear Nike Trainer and yoga teacher Branden Collinsworth share his.Treat yourself to some new Nike yoga gear, then move with guided flows and workouts in the Nike Training Club app.
  • Sabrina Strings, PhD | Rethinking Body Image
    The ideal human body has been commercialized, stigmatized, fetishized and, yes, even racialized. For women, trying to achieve the “perfect” body is an unattainable and often traumatic pursuit that never seems to end. On this episode, Sabrina Strings, PhD, an associate professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, explains why this is and helps us understand its impact on our individual and collective sense of well-being. Drawing from her book, Fearing the Black Body, she dives deep into diet culture, fat phobia, body positivity and the unsettled debate: Is obesity a disease?Learn MoreExplore more of the history and research on the “ideal” female form through Strings’ book, Fearing the Black Body.Here’s a quick read: The Problem With BMI (body mass index).Step away from the stereotypes and move in whatever way feels good to you with workouts of all levels in the Nike Training Club app and guided runs in the Nike Run Club app.
  • Anna Kessel | Elevating Women in Sports
    Anna Kessel has been writing about women in sports for nearly two decades. Her work — especially when it comes to women’s football — has been so impactful, she was awarded a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as part of the 90th birthday honors of Queen Elizabeth II. Many consider her book, Eat Sweat Play, to be a must-read at the nexus of feminism and fitness. On this episode, Kessel breaks down the history of women’s athletics, tells us why societal views are largely to blame for barriers to entry, and shares how we can all play a role in evolving the narrative of women’s place in sports. Learn MoreIf two quotes from Eat Sweat Play had you wanting more, find Kessel’s book here.Hear more about the benefits of getting girls in sport from our episode with sports psychologist Jim Taylor, PhD, then find more resources for how you can knock down gender barriers to sport.For more amazing stories about women athletes, check out Hustle Rule: The Untold Story of Women’s Soccer.

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