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  • 442: They Want Azimuth
    Myke makes a very important correction and deeply regrets his previous error. Federico pits cubes against triangles and Clippy has been reborn as Microsoft 365 Copilot. Lastly, Stephen starts his search for an heir.
  • 441: You, John and My Wife
    Spotify is getting weird, Apple is getting wise to long thighs and The Quizzies are back!
  • 440: Indie Straps
    Apple announces a new iPhone (colour), Google announces details for I/O, Federico has thoughts on all VR headsets, and Myke checks a vibe.
  • 439: People Like You are Killing Blogs
    Federico has launched Apple Frames 3.1, Myke is worried about a secret plan set in motion by Stephen and Bing has thoughts on Apple's Books app.
  • 438: The Jeremies (February 2023)
    New emoji are coming with iOS 16.4, so it's time for Federico to guess their names.

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