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Millionaires Unveiled

Podcast Millionaires Unveiled
Podcast Millionaires Unveiled

Millionaires Unveiled


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  • 287: Net Worth of $1.0M - "As I progressed, the way I viewed myself had to change"
    Rachel has a net worth of $1.0 Million. She has two children with another on the way and works in accounting/finance. 60% is in investments and 40% is in home equity. She has a few stocks she does play with but a majority are in index funds. We discuss her mindset changes of the years, how her upbrining played a part in her journey and various other great topics.
  • 286: Net Worth of $29.5M - Distribution Magnate & Business Exit to Real Estate Investor
    James has a current net worth of $29.5 million. 90% of it is in real estate comprised of almost 50 single family homes and a few commercial properties. The rest is in his 401k and cash. James is in his mid 60's and is semi-retired. We discuss all the odd jobs he had until he started his business in his 30's to the growth and eventual exit he had when he sold it to a long term employee.
  • 285: Net Worth of $1.7M - "I drive a Mercedes, wear Louboutins and ate steak for $600"
    Michelle has a net worth of $1.7 million mostly in real estate investments with a bit in the market. She currently has 13 doors and one syndication. She is in her early 30's. She is a realtor, a gardener and enjoys pole dancing. Her husband is a stay at home dad after being in the military for several years.
  • 284: Net Worth of $7.2M - IRS Tax Audit, Generational Wealth & Real Estate with a Retired Banker & Salesman,
    Roger is a former banker, saleman and stay at home dad. He is in his late 60's. Most of his wealth has come since he was in his late 50's until now. He has a current net worth of $7.2 million.  ~25% is in Notes.   ~75% in equity in Real Estate.  35k monthly income with ~23k a month from real estate and ~12k from notes He also has 25k cash, 25k in T bills, 46k in a HSA.  We discuss IRS tax audit, his unique approach to renting to tenants and generational wealth amongst other topics. 
  • 283: Net Worth of $3.1M - Celebrity Artist + The Art of Business
    Lauren has a current net worth is $3.1 million. She's in her 50's and works in the Art industry with her husband and invests in Real Estate.  She has 135k in cash, a Roth with 320k, 350k in a 401k, a HSA with 38k, a 529 with 104k, 600k in a self storage facility investment, just over 600k in equity in short term rentals, 350k in vacant land, just over 500k equity in a primary residence, and 50k car wash development fund. Some of the real estate syndications and a note are inside their Roth IRAs. Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at Thanks to for sponsoring the show!

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Millionaires Unveiled

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