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Jocko Podcast

Podcast Jocko Podcast
Podcast Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast


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  • Jocko Underground 083: The Truth About Hustle Culture
    Hustle Cultrue. Cutting Corners. Ideas of re-structuring deployments. Jocko's opinion. Getting dumped after helping him get a job at your own workplace.Being pressured into a promotion. Your rubbing people the wrong way is the a problem.Support this podcast at —
  • 377: Don't Do Dumb SH**T.
    One of the simplest and most impactful little piece of advice for success in life is, "Don't Do Dumb sh*t". Avoid things that may make you do dumb things. Like alcohol, drugs, out of control ego, peer pressure, and many others. With Jocko Willink and Echo CharlesSupport this podcast at —
  • Jocko Underground: If You Don't Follow The Rules, You Get More Rules | The Manoshpere and Red Pill Community
    Following the rules gets you less rules.Dealing with life with a serious injury.Dealing with a toxic new boss at work.The "manosphere" and the "red pill" community.Active shooter protocol.Support this podcast at —
  • 376: Exploring Murphy's Laws of Combat with JP Dinnell
    "Murphy's Law" took on a life of it's own in many industries. This part of the list of "Murphy's Laws Of Combat".Support this podcast at —
  • Jocko Underground: The More You Listen, The More You See.
    The more you listen, the more you see.How to improve showing empathy. Can ego be a good thing?Improve leadership with others. When to avoid the indirect method.Ending a career attached to identity. Support this podcast at —

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