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  • Weekly roundup — An email from Jim
    Has our show gotten worse? A guy named Jim thinks so. We don't know if he's right, but his email sent us to outer space.
  • A treaty to stop space from becoming like our oceans
    Trillions of pieces of plastic, trillions of pieces of metal. It's easy to think the space above our planet could become a 'tragedy of the commons' like our oceans. It doesn't have to.
  • Drunk yourself dizzy? Have a shot of liver hormone
    According to a study on binge-drinking mice, there's a quicker way to make boozed up mammals (like us) regain their sense of balance.
  • Running to treat depression and anxiety
    For people suffering from depression and anxiety who have tried antidepressant medication without success, a study out of Amsterdam could have important information for alternative therapy.
  • Paid sick leave — Does it make sense?
    From a purely economic perspective, should companies provide paid sick leave? Is it good for business? Turns out science the answer.

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