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Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

Podcast Living Planet | Deutsche Welle
Podcast Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

Living Planet | Deutsche Welle


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  • Searching for home on a hotter planet
    We follow Australians battered by climate catastrophes, a walrus devoid of its ice floes and Indians from the eastern state of Odisha as they grapple with migration amid the climate crisis.
  • Climate in the classroom
    How should we talk to kids about climate change? From Belgian teens interacting with climate change on a philosophical level to an eco-bank in Peru where kids can open their first bank account to a new primary school climate program in Ghana, this week on Living Planet, we find out how schools and organizations are engaging young people on one of the most important issues of our time.
  • Profits, peaks & climate-proofing islands
    At a time when many people are struggling to pay their energy bills, we hear how oil and gas giants are raking in the profits, while quietly scaling back their emission reduction targets. And we head to Micronesia, via the Caribbean, to find out how small island nations are faring amid the climate crisis.
  • Back to basics: Hand-pollination, ancient grains & organic hope
    Today on Living Planet — more farmers around the world are turning their backs on industrial agriculture in an effort to shore up food supplies. In Georgia, ancient wheat varieties and breadmaking traditions are making a comeback, while farmers in Kenya have been forced to pollinate their crops themselves. And Lebanese farmers are ditching expensive chemical fertilizers for more natural options.
  • Flower power, cloud catchers & green cobalt
    We head to the Canary Islands, where scientists are devising novel ways to squeeze every last drop of moisture out of the air to revive forests destroyed by wildfires. From Morocco, we hear about the potential for building batteries with 'green cobalt'. And, in India, we learn how to turn a flood of flower waste into something useful.

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Living Planet | Deutsche Welle

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