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The Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast

Podcast The Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast
Podcast The Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast

The Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast


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  • Solar Jackpot!
    In this episode of the Christopher Scott Show, the topic of green energy is discussed. It is argued that green energy will only sell when it is cheaper, more reliable, and cleaner than generated electric. To convince people to try clean energy, the green movement needs to stop lying about climate change, the cost, and a false future. Tune in to hear more about why solar should be a large part of energy generation and the importance of the right kind of climate optimism. Christopher Scott delves into the current state of green energy and what needs to happen to make it more accessible and appealing to the masses. He discusses the importance of honesty and transparency in the green movement, and how promoting realistic optimism can be a catalyst for change. Through their conversation, listeners will gain a better understanding of the potential of solar and other low-carbon energy sources, and the steps that need to be taken to make them a viable option for everyone. Don't miss out on this informative and thought-provoking episode. Listen to the Christopher Scott Show on and subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date on new episodes and bonus content. Website: Show Notes:
  • Trans Vengeance
    Website: Show Notes: Following the Nashville school shooting, the transgender community proclaimed a "Trans Day of Vengeance," which has been met with widespread controversy and condemnation. Christopher Scott explores this topic in-depth in his talk radio podcast without mincing his words. Scott delves into the audacity of such a declaration and the incitement of violence against peaceful Christians by some in the liberal media who supported it. He questions how such violence can be justified and argues that revenge only leads to more violence. Scott also examines the potential consequences of such actions, including the destabilization of society and the need for self-reliance and unity in the face of hate and violence. He emphasizes the importance of standing up against hate and violence, and how it takes courage, discipline, and faith to do so. The episode offers a thought-provoking and insightful discussion of a disturbing event and its aftermath. Scott provides a unique perspective on this topic and encourages listeners to think critically about the issues at hand. Listen in to hear Scott's take on this controversial issue and join the conversation.
  • Biden Guilty of Treason?
    Website: Show Notes: In this episode, Christopher Scott discusses the recent allegations against President Biden. Specifically, he is accused of receiving money from a Chinese company without any legitimate reason and violating his oath of office. Scott calls for a thorough investigation into the matter and for necessary actions to be taken if the allegations are proven true. He suggests that the Republican party begin the impeachment process based on the evidence collected and that the public demand transparency on the matter. The media should also investigate and report on the allegations to help bring the truth to light. The international community should take notice of this matter and pressure the US government to take appropriate actions. If Biden is found guilty of treason or violating his oath of office, he should never be allowed to serve in any public office again. The government should review its laws and regulations to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future. The people should demand accountability from their elected officials and ensure that they uphold their oath of office. The matter should be resolved in a fair and just manner, and without any political bias or influence. Any efforts to interfere, with false information or otherwise, should also be prosecuted. Scott emphasizes that we are in a war without bullets, and it is up to us to fight this war and ensure that justice is served.
  • International Inferno
    Website: Show Notes: Join Christopher Scott in this thought-provoking episode as he delves into the recent international turmoil. With headlines ranging from airstrikes in Syria to airplanes being grounded in Germany, it is clear that the world is facing unprecedented challenges. Through his analysis, Christopher highlights the current state of various regions, including Asia, Europe, and Eastern Europe, and how they are dealing with political unrest, military conflicts, and economic instability. He raises the question of what the world is fighting for and why there seems to be no clear answer to this question. Christopher suggests that this lack of clarity is by design, and he shares his insights into why this may be the case. If you're interested in understanding the complexities of the current international landscape, this episode is a must-listen. Join Christopher Scott as he provides a unique perspective on the international turmoil and the issues that are shaping our world.
  • The New Era of Lawlessness
    Website: Show Notes: In this episode, Christopher Scott discusses a range of stories that reflect the new era we are in, where people are taking matters into their own hands because they feel like they have nowhere else to turn. The stories include drug shortages posing a national security threat, NPR's revenue drop, rapper Afro Man being sued by the police for using police footage in his video, Elon Musk being seen as a security threat, and a handyman turning the tables on squatters in a house. These stories point to the new era of lawlessness, where people are left feeling like they have no other options.

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