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KCRW One Year Later

Podcast KCRW One Year Later
Podcast KCRW One Year Later

KCRW One Year Later


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  • President Trump and the imagined war on Christmas
    President Trump’s first year in office has impacted Americans well beyond policy. He’s in every story, in everything, it seems. On our final show, we look at how he and Republicans have even politicized Christmas. We discuss how Americans celebrate in ways that look different than a Hallmark card — including people who want their holiday symbols, like Santa — to look like them.
  • The politics of pot
    Recreational marijuana will be legal in California in 2018. Who will benefit from the potential economic boom?
  • What the tax bill has to do with U.S. wealth inequality
    The richest one percent of Americans control about 38 percent of the wealth in the United States. Analysts report that the Republican tax bill, very soon to be the Republican tax law, will only exacerbate the problem. How will this break down on racial and ethnic lines? Who benefits and who doesn't?
  • Trump is rapidly reshaping the federal courts
    President Trump is often criticized for not having any “major accomplishments.”  However, his judicial picks, including Neil Gorsuch, could have a more lasting impact than any bill he signs. Barring impeachment or resignation, these judges — almost all white, conservative men — will have their jobs for life.
  • Puerto Rico's long road to recovery
    Almost three months after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory is still struggling to get basic necessities like water and power. The islands were already dealing with a crushing amount of debt before the storms, how should the U.S. help its territory recover?

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