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Podcast KCRW Cargoland
Podcast KCRW Cargoland

KCRW Cargoland


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  • Johnny O: The Pirate’s Story
    A true old-timer just keeps dancing, even in the face of uncertain change. CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.
  • The Miracle: A Surprising Day on the Steel Dock
    Harold Ericsson recalls one hot day unloading steel from deep in the bottom of a ship, when all of the sudden someone offered him an ice cold Manhattan. 
  • The Casual Worker: No Benefits, No Guarantees
    Spend a day in the unpredictable life of a casual worker, a freelance longshoreman who must rack up enough hours to reach union status.
  • Automation: Will Innovation Mean Fewer Jobs?
    The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are facing new technology to handle the challenges of staying competitive. This all started after the 2008 economic crash, which fundamentally changed the ports.
  • The Pilots: Steering Ships the Size of Skyscrapers
    As ships get bigger, a pilot’s job gets more difficult. 

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