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KCRW Below The Ten

Podcast KCRW Below The Ten
Podcast KCRW Below The Ten

KCRW Below The Ten


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  • Playing Trump
    Every year, the students at ISLAH Academy, a private Islamic school inside a South LA mosque put on a winter program for their parents. 
  • Bilal's Calling
    Tyreek Bilal has gone through many transformations in his life. He’s been a confidant to powerful celebrities, a husband to six wives, father to 20 children and a celibate religious scholar. Now he's taking a stand against changes at his mosque and in his neighborhood.
  • Meet Mr. Fries Man
    Throughout South Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods there’s a growing community of underground home chefs who sell food on Instagram. One of those chefs, a guy who goes by the name Mr. Fries Man, specializes in loaded french fries.
  • Peacemakers: The Interventionist
    When someone gets shot in Skipp Townsend's community, he is often one of the first on the scene. Sometimes he knows the victim personally. Skipp works as a gang interventionist with the LAPD.
  • Peacemakers: The Cop
    As a black kid growing up in South LA, Lt. Michael Carodine was regularly mistreated by police. But for Lt. Carodine, bad policing was a problem that could be solved; and he would help solve it.

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