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  • How To Master An Empire w/ Master P/Percy Miller
    This week’s guest is the legendary MASTER P, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest who has dispensed more WISDOM on so many topics in such a short amount of time.Grab a pen and paper before you listen, and get ready to be repeatedly blown away because this episode is easily one of the most quote-worthy shows I’ve ever done.“You don’t learn from wins; you learn from losses.  You’ve got to start at the bottom, go be the janitor or start in the mail room.  Don’t cheat your way to anything…and don’t make excuses.”Percy Miller grew up in poverty before rising to fame as rapper Master P and the owner of NO LIMIT RECORDS, which he started when he was only 19 YEARS OLD. His fascinating life is about OVERCOMING THE ODDS to impact millions of people with his music, entrepreneurial ventures, and as an activist focusing on economic empowerment through business ownership and an emphasis on family and education.His story has so many chapters filled with POSITIVE LESSONS, and he wastes no time dropping great advice for young people about LOVING WHAT YOU DO as a path to becoming an entrepreneur.Here’s another incredible quotable insight for you…“The great thing about Snoop Dogg is that he was willing to LISTEN and BE A SPONGE…and look at him now.”We also get into……RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL and Master P’s advice on how to treat people…finding ongoing JOY in your WORK and PURPOSE…MAINTAINING YOUR EFFORT LEVEL after you find some degree of SUCCESS…his RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD and how that impacts everything he does…the essential need to SURROUND YOURSELF with the RIGHT PEOPLE.  Pay close to this part…it’s absolute gold.…the generational curse of poverty and how to break it…the eye-opening revelation of why TALENT is only 10% OF SUCCESS in the music industryThere is so much WISDOM you need to hear from Master P this week.I’ll leave you with two more gems…“Don’t be afraid to start from humble beginnings…”“If you want to be successful, just show up…”GOLD…PURE GOLD.
  • The Secret To A Happy Life w/ Dr. Robert Waldinger
    This is the most REMARKABLE study on HAPPINESS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! AN 85-YEAR DETAILED STUDY!This week's show is easily one of the most fascinating of my lifetime!I doubt anyone has studied the subject of HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING more than this week’s guest, DR. ROBERT WALDINGER. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the founder and Executive Director of the Lifespan Research Foundation.But perhaps his most important work is as the current director of the HARVARD STUDY OF ADULT DEVELOPMENT. This groundbreaking project started in 1938 and is the longest-running study of the same people over time ever conducted.What Dr. Waldinger shares with you this week about the study and the nature of relationships will blow you away.We start with answers to fundamental questions we’ve all wanted to know for a long time.🤔HOW DO YOU MEASURE HAPPINESS?🤔 WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY?Wealth, achievement, fame, and religion matter, but not in the ways you might think. Having a PURPOSE, working on that purpose, and enjoying HIGH QUALITY, WARM, AND LOVING RELATIONSHIPS matter more…not only to your mental well-being, but your physical well-being, too.We also answer the question of the most common REGRET mega-successful people have. You can probably guess what it is, but Dr. Waldinger drives this point home in no uncertain terms.Our discussion also touches on several other relationship issues, including…🤯 How SOCIAL MEDIA affects the amount and depth of our relationships🤯 ALCOHOLISM, DEPRESSION, and DIVORCE🤯 Why BAD MARRIAGES are worse than breaking up🤯 The WISER (Watch, Interpret, Select, Engage, Reflect) Model of Reaction🤯 Cultural trends and the impact of wealth in nations on happinessOne of the most important things you’ll learn are strategies for STRENGTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS and how to make them a priority.We wrap up with an extended exchange about our most INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS, how they change over time, and what we can do to keep them STRONG AND HEALTHY.
  • The Power Of Persuasion w/ Stephen A. Smith
    This is an absolutely astonishing conversation with Stephen A. Smith.Stephen A. Smith is the most influential force at ESPN and has built a massive brand and makes a huge impact on sports and culture every day.So how did he do it?This week, Stephen A. reveals what it takes to get to the TOP of your career… in his case its the sports entertainment world as a producer, podcaster, radio show host, and a New York Times Best Selling author AND one of the most influential voices in sports entertainment.Stephen A. reveals his strategies for building confidence and shares how he overcame obstacles such as dyslexia and childhood bullying. He also discusses the importance of mastering every part of your business, combining it with humility, and how to impact social change.But that's not all! Stephen A. shares his take on:👉🏽 What it takes to maintain confidence👉🏽 The power of practice and preparation👉🏽 The key to persuasion👉🏽 Why he believes in the "I DON'T CARE" factor👉🏽 And navigating the challenges of ethnicity and equity in sports🚨 PLUS HE REVEALS HIS PICK ON WHO’S THE GOAT: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?!? 🚨As a bonus, you'll get to hear about Stephen A.'s experiences working with some of the most genuine and talented people in the world.With his unparalleled insight and infectious energy, Stephen A. will keep you engaged from start to finish.Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the greatest sports media icons of our time!
  • How To Unlock Your Greatness Mindset w/ Lewis Howes
    The journey to GREATNESS begins with believing YOU ARE ENOUGH. LEWIS HOWES is talking to you this week on the Ed Mylett Show about overcoming challenges and tapping into your own GREATNESS. Nothing could have prepared him for what he faced after his father’s near-fatal car accident and an injury that ended his pro football career after one season. Lewis has a remarkable story about OVERCOMING ADVERSITY and finding a NEW PURPOSE in life.We cover a lot of things this week, including…🏆 Subconscious blocks rooted in FEAR, SUCCESS, and JUDGMENT🏆 STRATEGIES to process the “I AM NOT ENOUGH” mentality🏆 The difference between SUCCESS VS. GREATNESS🏆 What are the COURAGEOUS questions to ask ourselves🏆 METHODS for inner child healing and SELF-LOVELewis ends with an emotional story about how his relationship with his dad changed over the years and how it has impacted him to this day, which really touches me as you know my father means the world to me! From start to finish, this is a POWERFUL hour about how you can take Lewis’s learnings around how he has overcome INTERNAL and EXTERNAL challenges and APPLY THEM TO YOUR LIFE. This episode will help you develop YOUR GREATNESS MINDSET.
  • Become Wealthy In Love w/ Humble the Poet
    “The walls we put up to protect ourselves often turn into prisons instead…”This week, I’m genuinely excited to share with you the thoughts of a man I’ve wanted to talk to for a long time. He is KANWER SINGH, but those of you who are familiar with his work know him as HUMBLE THE POET.Humble is a modern-day RENAISSANCE MAN who has gained a large following as a spoken word performer, author, hip-hop artist, speaker, and designer. His work is embodied in an ongoing message of LOVE, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this week’s episode, including excerpts from Humble’s new book, “HOW TO BE LOVE(D).”Our goal is to help you gain greater capacity to GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE as we explore…👉🏽 how to increase your ability to LOVE👉🏽 How to use NEGATIVE EMOTIONS to HEAL👉🏽 The difference between BIG love and SMALL love👉🏽 How to overcome your addiction to APPROVAL👉🏽 How LOVE is the ULTIMATE emotion and ACTIONLOVE is UNIVERSAL. LOVE means EVERYTHING.But it’s not always easy to LOVE YOURSELF OR OTHERS the right way.Listen to HUMBLE’S WISDOM, and you’ll find a greater capacity to LOVE and enrich your SOUL.

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