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Wake Up to Money

Podcast Wake Up to Money
Podcast Wake Up to Money

Wake Up to Money


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  • Christmas trimmings
    As we head towards a high cost of living Christmas, Felicity Hannah and her guests break down the impact, as new research for the BBC finds the cost of a festive dinner has gone up more than 20 per cent. 'Tis the season of strikes - journalist Alan Jones joins us to talk through all the upcoming winter walkouts. And as Christmas costs rise, are people turning away from trees? A Christmas tree farmer joins us to explain.
  • Over-budget Britons
    Citizens Advice have told the BBC there's a 'ticking time bomb of debt' as they see the number of people going into the red rise; Sean Farrington speaks to a debt advice charity about what's pushing people over-budget. Meanwhile, avian flu has led to warnings of turkey shortages ahead of Christmas - we hear from a poultry farmer who's had to cull his entire flock. Plus, the EU has told Elon Musk it must make Twitter compliant with its new disinformation rules or face a potential ban - how much will the new CEO be willing to change the platform?
  • Going off track
    As the Office for Rail and Road reveals train cancellations are at their highest since records started eight years ago, Sean Farrington finds out the mood around talks between the Transport Secretary and northern mayors to solve the problem. Also, we hear how two months of lockdown is affecting a British business owner in China. Plus, we return to the pub on the Wrexham/Shropshire border to what the World Cup has meant for trade and what they see happening now Wales in out of the contest.
  • 29/11/2022
    News and insight from the business world. Download the podcast via the BBC Sounds app.
  • Crypto calamity
    Cryptocurrency platform BlockFi has filed for bankruptcy in the US, not long after FTX did the same - Sean Farrington finds out what's happening and what it could mean for the industry. Meanwhile in the UK, National Grid has been considering energy-saving measures after a capacity alert, and with the chemicals industry being one of the most exposed to high energy costs, we speak to the trade association boss. Plus, England and Wales play each other in the World Cup today - so how well are the pubs doing out of it? Sean has a chat with a major chain's chief executive.

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