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Podcast Paging DrTeel

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  • Hello From the Other Side: Tales of Personal Growth
    Post relocation updates and a quick look inside the head and heart of Dr. Teel! ❤️🔑 Key TakeAways🔑 🚨Power of resolving inner conflict 🚨Using your personality to serve your highest good 🚨Failure isn’t final . I'm HERE for you so I want to HEAR from you! #TapinFriend:
  • Self Awareness
    Self awareness is vital to self-improvement. Your PROBLEM may be obvious to everyone but YOU. Let's face it,  we ALL lie to ourselves about something. However, before we can make meaningful change, we've got to get very honest with ourselves.  Often times, our struggles and difficulties stem from blind spots which are shielded by ego defenses and our own personal collection of BS... Self-awareness is the only way out! Are you ready friend??? Ready to take complete control of your circumstances and get out of your own way? Well tap in friend! . Benefits to practicing self-awareness:   . 💎 It can make us more proactive, boost our acceptance, and encourage positive self-development (Sutton, 2016).  💎 Self-awareness allows us to see things from the perspective of others, practice self-control, work creatively and productively, and experience pride in ourselves and our work as well as general self-esteem (Silvia & O’Brien, 2004).  💎 It leads to better decision-making (Ridley, Schutz, Glanz, & Weinstein, 1992).  💎 It can make us better at our jobs, better communicators in the workplace, and enhance our self-confidence and job-related well-being (Sutton, Williams, & Allinson, 2015).  . I'm HERE for you so I want to HEAR from you! #TapinFriend:
  • Music as medicine
    Have you ever noticed how music has the ability to alter your mood or take you back to a specific place or time in your life? Research demonstrates that music can affect your attention, perception, emotions, cognition, behavior, and communication (Koelsch et al., 2009).  . . The British Academy of Sound Therapy conducted a study on the musical recommended daily allowance. They set out to determine if there was a recommended daily amount of music impacting various mood states and what type of music was commonly used to produce this effect. Of the 7,581 people test, they found that: 💎 90% used music to relax  💎 82% used music to improve their moods  💎 47% used music to process and/or release sadness  💎 33% used music to aid in concentration  . . 🎯Paging Dr. Teel Topics:🎯 On this week’s episode of Paging Dr. Teel, we’re tapping into the therapeutic power of music! I’ll discuss six proven benefits of music therapy, and provide practical methods to use music as medicine for stress management &  emotion regulation. . . 🚨🚨l'm HERE for you so I want to HEAR from you! 🚨🚨 #TapinFriend:
  • Discipline is Freedom
    To develop discipline you need a CLEAR goal, plan, and the willpower to persist when life happens.  Self-discipline equal freedom.  Are you ready to free yourself from merely existing?  Ready tap in to that next level or reach that goal friend? 🎯Paging Dr. Topics🎯:  Secret ingredients of developing discipline (1) accountability, (2) sacrifice, and (3) execution  . . Need some motivation? Ready to start your journey to self-discipline Check out these links:  . . . .  I'm HERE for you so I want to HEAR from you! #TapinFriend:
  • Wakanda Forever: Life After This-Learning From the Legacy of Chadwick Boseman, Ep 23
    The good die young, leaving an eternal impression, and reminding us of all the things that really matter in life.  RIP Chadwick Boseman #DeathisOnlytheBeginning . . . 🎯🎯🎯Show topics: 💎Importance of fulfilling your purpose 💎Brevity of life aka #StayingReady & #HealthisWealth 💎Choosing the right circle 💎The Gift of Perserverance

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