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KCRW Off the block

Podcast KCRW Off the block
Podcast KCRW Off the block

KCRW Off the block


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  • Away from home: An audio journal
    The absence of those in jail can be felt deeply by family members and loved ones. 
  • In and out of the biggest mental health facility in Los Angeles
    Meet LePriest Valentine, who kept winding up in the only sanctuary he could find after getting out of jail: Skid Row.
  • There's no glamour in a jailhouse wedding
    All prisoners have the right to marry, but there are lots of restrictions. You can't exchange rings or request a special ceremony, there's thick glass separating the couple and even applying for the marriage license itself can be complicated. It may not be a fairy tale wedding, but for Elizabeth, marrying her fiance while he's in jail is worth it.
  • Lost weekends
    Thousands of Los Angeles County prisoners are housed in Pitchess Detention center, 50 miles from the inner city neighborhoods where police make many arrests. For visitors, the journey to the jail can take all day. The closest bus stop is a mile away from the jail, and visitors can either walk the last mile or get a ride from Mama Betty.
  • Bail: How to buy your freedom [Explicit]
    If you have the money, getting out of jail can be straightforward. If you don't, you're going to need some help.

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