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Podcast The Night's Cast
Podcast The Night's Cast

The Night's Cast


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  • The Night's Cast Presents: The 1st Annual Hottest D's
    There was a lot to love about the first season of House of the Dragon and even more to hotly (heh) debate, so for a little bit of offseason fun, The Night's Cast is bringing you the best of and not-so-best-of HOTD. It's the first-ever Hottest D Awards! In this special episode, Petra, Samantha and Vanessa hand out the Hottest D's to best actor, character, location, and more -- and the not-so-best-of get their own recognition in the form of the Shrinkies.
  • House of the Dragon: Episode 10, "The Black Queen"
    The first season of House of the Dragon ended with a shocking death, a furious glare, and plenty of chatter about the season as a whole, and the Night's Cast is no exception (about the chatter -- not so much the death and fury). Join Petra, Samantha and Vanessa as they discuss the final episode of the season, "The Black Queen," and its high points, low points, and everything in between.
  • House of the Dragon Episode 9: The Green Council
    The King is dead. Long live the Q... uh, King? In "The Green Council," the Greens conspire and successfully steal Rhaenyra's throne (for now) and will likely face significant backlash from the Blacks as we head into the finale on Sunday. On this week’s episode, Vanessa and Petra discuss character motivations (or lack thereof), choices and their consequences, and who really cares about the smallfolk anyway?
  • House of the Dragon Episode 8: "The Lord of the Tides"
    To paraphrase a well-known saying, this is how a king's reign ends: not with a bang, but with a whisper. This week's episode of House of the Dragon brought all the feels, as we said goodbye to Viserys Targaryen (keep that #AnEmmyforPaddy trend going) and watched an unfortunate miscommunication set up further erosion of the fragile peace in Westeros. Join Petra and Samantha on this week's episode of The Night's Cast as they discuss all this and more!
  • House of the Dragon Epiosde 7: Driftmark
    Nothing puts the fun in funeral like a dysfunctional family reunion. "Driftmark" brought tensions to a boiling point and sowed further division among the royal family, setting the stage for greater conflict to come. On this week’s episode, Vanessa and Petra talk dragon riding and "dragon" riding, and the consequences of both.

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