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Podcast BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer
Podcast BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer

BuzzFeed's Internet Explorer


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  • I Feel Personally Attacked By This Relatable Content
    In the grand randomly timed tradition of Internet Explorer, we're back! This time, Katie and Ryan discuss how not even Facebook understands how it works anymore, what's wrong with Gushers, and Ryan maybe turns GamerGate. Then the inimitable Cates Holderness brings us 5 things that are actually still good on the internet. One of those things you must see to appreciate so here it is:, we've got a great excerpt from BuzzFeed News' latest podcast, THE NEWS where Ryan talks Instagram self-care with reporters Rachael Krishna and Ellie Hall. If you miss Katie and Ryan's dulcet tones, you can often catch them on The News so make sure you subscribe!  Aside from sexy anime Hitler (a.k.a. Julia) Agerenesh Ashagre produced this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • 2018 Predictions: We Subsist Only on Tide Pods
    Ok, Katie and Ryan didn't actually eat the Tide pods, but they discuss predictions for 2018 with their best friend and yours, Cates Holderness. There's some reflecting, a bunch of predictions, but mostly a lot of marveling on the delicious wonder of Tide Pods. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Grabbing A Cold One With The Boys
    Your two favorite trolls, Katie and Ryan, are back to discuss what the heck happened to the internet in the year since Internet Explorer last aired. There's Nazis, furries, YouTube Stars, and things that are bad, and (a very limited few) things that are good.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • The Worst Things On The Internet in 2016
    Ryan and Katie are back! Surprise! In this one-off holiday spectacular, you can listen to all the disgusting things people did on the internet this year without having to look at it. Long-time friend of the show Cates Holderness stops by to discuss the worst things on the internet from 2016. And in the grand tradition of the worst things, Katie and Ryan interview one of the illustrious people from the list. One hint: He does stuff with his dick and then posts photos of it. It's been a pretty terrible year so you better believe that this is episode is going to be pretty intense. Probably best to listen to this episode with headphones. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Werner Herzog Loves Cat Videos Too
    Holy frick! Fancy-pants genius filmmaker Werner Herzog talks to Katie this week about harambe, robots, the internet, teens and so much more. Also, we'll have an update from Ryan, who's in Rio covering the Olympics. Werner's latest film, "Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World" is both about the history and the future of the internet, technology, robotics and space and it's in theaters August 19th. And yes, we're going to be taking a break from the show for a bit, but you won't have to miss Katie and Ryan too much because they'll be online and in the coolest slack room around. We'll also be keeping this feed alive with dispatches every now and again so make sure to stay subscribed! We'll miss you, bbs. More information on the film: The O.J. documentary they discuss is an ESPN documentary called "Made in America." Check out Ryan's dispatch from Rio here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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