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Podcast After Hours
Podcast After Hours

After Hours


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  • Finally-- A Clinically-Proven Way to Lose Weight. Now what?
    Felix, Mihir and The Economist’s Charlotte Howard debate the merits of a new class of weight-loss drugs that drastically lower a person’s weight. Is this incredible scientific advance the solution to the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the planet? Should health insurance companies cover the pricey drugs? Will obesity become even more prevalent now that we have effective medication? Plus, we discuss the roller coaster that is Moderna. What’s next for one of the pandemic’s biggest winners? Is there a life post generous government support? 
  • The Promise and Peril of AI
    Felix, Sarah and Mihir discuss Chat GPT, if AI is truly transformational, the future of search, and how to digitally detox from all this AI talk. 
  • Turmoil in Energy Markets
    Mihir and Felix are joined by Rawi to talk about the far-reaching consequences of the current turmoil in energy markets. Is Qatar the next Saudi Arabia? Are the oil majors actually saying goodbye to renewables? Are we seeing the de-industrialization of Europe? Plus, we debate the consequences of shrinking populations. Will it blow up social security? Could it be good news?
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond Annuities!
    Felix and Mihir debate the latest phase of meme-stock craziness and the wisdom of retirement planning without annuities.
  • Sports!
    In our first-ever After Hours sports episode, we ask why sports teams have become so valuable (is it really just the vanity of billionaire owners), debate the merits of paying amateur athletes, and explore why tennis pros receive such a small fraction of the sport’s overall revenue. Can hedge fund icon Bill Ackman save tennis?  

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