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  • Clint Smith's Poetry Confronts The Legacy Of Slavery
    Clint Smith's poems, which are addressed to his young children, describe what their ancestors endured and escaped. He also examines the joy and anxiety of parenthood, especially as a Black father. His book of poetry is called Above Ground. Also, Justin Chang reviews A Thousand and One.
  • How Discrimination & Poverty Can Make You Sick
    Public health professor Arline Geronimus explains how marginalized people suffer nearly constant stress, which damages their bodies at the cellular level. Her new book is Weathering: The Extraordinary Stress of Ordinary Life in an Unjust Society.Also Maureen Corrigan reviews Biography of X by Catherine Lacey.
  • 'Ted Lasso' Actor Brett Goldstein
    Brett Goldstein is a writer for Ted Lasso and plays Roy Kent, a gruff but lovable retired footballer-turned-coach. He says "Sport is there so men can say 'I love you' without saying 'I love you.'" He spoke with Ann Marie Baldonado about getting the role of Roy, the series ending, and also co-creating the series Shrinking. Also, filmmaker Justin Chang reviews Tori and Lokita.
  • Best Of: Ari Shapiro / Billy Crudup
    Ari Shapiro co-hosts NPR's All Things Considered, co-stars in a cabaret act with Alan Cumming, and sings with the band Pink Martini. Now, he's written a book, a memoir called The Best Strangers in the World.Billy Crudup stars as a fast-talking salesman — selling timeshares on the moon to frustrated earthlings — in the Apple TV+ series Hello Tomorrow! We also talk about going to rock star camp for his role in Almost Famous and his iconic Mastercard commercials.
  • 'Succession' Stars Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin & Matthew Macfadyen
    The final season of the HBO series Succession begins Sunday. We listen back to our interviews with Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy the patriarch in a family-owned business empire, Kieran Culkin, who plays Roman, the immature and jokey son, and Matthew Macfadyen, who plays the put-upon son-in-law Tom Wambsgans.

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