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Podcast Skip the Tutorial

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  • The Queen is Dead, but we’re talking about NBA 2K23 INSTEAD!
    On this week's episode, we are discussing NBA2K23, the zen life of MMO's, Immortality and the problem of Choice, some gaming news, and the death of a royal.   Podcast - Website - Discord - Facebook - Super Secret Facebook Group - Twitter - T-Shirts and Shit
  • Top 7 Crossovers We Want to See! (Originally Aired 10/17/2021)
    In this week's top 7, we breakdown the 7 cross over games we want to see! If you want to reach out you can find us on Twitter @stt_pod, email us at [email protected], or like us on Facebook at Remember, leave us a review on iTunes and we'll read the best and worst review every week! You can also join us on
  • House of the Dragon, Now Featuring Real Sex on Twitch!
    On this week's episode, we are discussing HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA, SHE-HULK, ALBUM RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FALL WEATHER, AND DRAGON MOVIES!   Podcast - Website - Discord - Facebook - Secret Facebook Group - - T-Shirts and Shit
  • Help, My Dragon Balls Fell in a Quarry!
    On this week's episode, we are discussing Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Demon Slayer, The Quarry, Elden Ring, Madden 23, and PREY! Check it!
  • Morning Coffee Talk With STT: What Youtubers Don’t Understand About Quantum TV?
    This week, we breakdown the Quantum TV vs Act Man Situation. 

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