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Podcast Relay FM - Disruption
Podcast Relay FM - Disruption

Relay FM - Disruption


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  • 90: Game Over: Thank You For Playing
    So long, and thanks for all the pandas.
  • 89: You're Protecting the Bumper
    After Batterygate brings us to the realization that Apple is the corporate equivalent of a woman in tech, we try to distract ourselves with Switch games before making an announcement about the show.
  • 88: 88: Porsch-UH
    With Georgia unable to work her new house and Bri's car in the shop, we look at other things that broke this week, like net neutrality and Patreon.
  • 87:
    With more disturbing stories from Congress and Facebook opening up their platform to six year olds, we decide we'd be better off just letting Bri run all the industries.
  • 86: Brianna's Bargain Basement Therapy
    Bri suffers through Justice League in the name of marital balance, Steve tries to justify paying for a Street Fighter Transformer, and Georgia copes with her new reality of his and hers VR rooms.

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Relay FM - Disruption

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