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Let's Talk About Tech

Podcast Let's Talk About Tech
Podcast Let's Talk About Tech

Let's Talk About Tech


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  • Game On - Elric and Citadel of Forgotten Myths
    Michael Moorcock - author, editor, musician - joins Adam to talk about Citadel of Forgotten Myths, the book that will be (he says) the last appearance of his doomed hero, Elric of Melniboné between the covers of a novel. It's a wide-ranging conversation that barely touches the surface of Moorcock's long, incredibly productive career.
  • Game On - BAFTA goes to Hades
    With the 2021 BAFTA Games Awards moments away Adam speaks to two of the nominees from Supergiant Games. The writer, Greg Kasavin and the actor, Logan Cunningham are both in the running for their work on Hades.
  • Game On - Safety online and a new era for Star Wars
    Online safety discussed with Lorin LaFave and Andy Robertson. And New York Times bestselling author Charles Soule joins Adam to talk about The High Republic.
  • Game On – Now with added Nolan North!
    Talking about games with the Gaming Grandma, sidestepping The Discourse and Andy’s Xmas Crackers Has the Pandemic changed the way families game? The Gaming Grandma and Dr Lynn Love from Abertay University give Adam their view. Ewan Moore from GAMINGbible and FamilyGamerTV’s Andy Robertson talk more about family gaming and much more besides. And there’s oodles of Nolan North action as we talk about his work in Dirt5!
  • Game On - Playstation versus Xbox. Seconds out, round 4!
    Weeks away from the launch of Playstation and Xbox's latest machines the Washington Post's Gene Park joins Adam to look at what's on offer. Industry veteran, Mike Fisher has his own modest proposal and, if you're quick, you can still take part in the Leeds Digital Festival. The organiser and one of the city's tech companies explain more about Silicon Moor™(pending.)

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