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KCRW Good Food on the Road

Podcast KCRW Good Food on the Road
Podcast KCRW Good Food on the Road

KCRW Good Food on the Road


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  • A lifetime of friendship with Jonathan Gold
    Journalist Jervey Tervalon remembers his long friendship with late food critic Jonathan Gold in a poem.
  • Zach Brooks: The impact of Jonathan Gold's review of Vespertine
    Zach Brooks talks about what it meant to read Jonathan Gold’s review of Vespertine, one of LA’s more controversial restaurant openings in recent memory.
  • Tien Nguyen: Jonathan Gold on Nha Trang
    Writer Tien Nguyen remembers when Jonathan Gold defended his love of the San Gabriel Valley noodle shops against critics.
  • Jonathan Gold's 2007 review of Jitlada
    This week, we revisit one of Jonathan Gold’s favorite LA establishments, Jitlada. Home to some of the spiciest Southern Thai cuisine around, the Hollywood restaurant is a must-visit institution.
  • Daniel Hernandez: Jonathan Gold on El Parian
    L.A. Taco’s Daniel Hernandez recalls leading Jonathan Gold on a taco crawl through Guadalajara and how Gold’s photographic memory of street tacos in Mexico informed his review of El Parian in Los Angeles.

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