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KCRW Celestial Blood

Podcast KCRW Celestial Blood
Podcast KCRW Celestial Blood

KCRW Celestial Blood


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  • Episode 8
    The finale involves Alaska, climate change, a secret recipe and yet another family member. What happened to Sol's and Esteban's wedding? How about the Russians?
  • Episode 7
    In Peru there are a lot of goats, llamas, and that's where Sol finds Mercury Lucero. He has his secret too.
  • Episode 6
    Esteban and Mundo are tied upside down, while Sol and Uranus are meeting Estrella Lucero, a real Jersey girl. This is getting really crazy.
  • Episode 5
    Luna is a wanna-be actress who lives in an empty apartment in Los Angeles. She offers Sol a whole new picture on Arturo's life. Get it?
  • Episode 4
    While Mundo gets more and more mysterious, he and his sister find a huge surprise when they meet Saturn and Neptune. It also involves Russia!

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