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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

Podcast Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum
Podcast Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum


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  • EP24 Manifesting the Muse with Rick
    Rick Rubin joins Dan to discuss human creativity. This unusual show evolves as it goes though and by the end covers a wide array of subjects and topics. By the end it isn't even clear who is asking questions and who is answering them. 1. “Broken Record” with Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell 2. “Tetragrammaton” podcast with Rick Rubin 3. “From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire” by Pierre Briant 4. “The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life” by Twyla Tharp 5. “The Artist's Way” by Julia Cameron 6. “Daily Creative Habit Creative Journal” by Mike Brennan 
  • EP23 Boxing with Ghosts
    Ready for an argument? Like Dan's quote voice? Waiting to hear Dan discuss boxing? Then you've hit the trifecta. Boxing expert Mike Silver and Dan discuss whether today's modern fighters could compete with those of yesteryear. 1. The Arc of Boxing: The Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science by Mike Silver 2. The Night the Referee Hit Back: Memorable Moments from the World of Boxing by Mike Silver 3. Stars in the Ring: Jewish Champions in the Golden Age of Boxing: A Photographic History by Mike Silver
  • EP22 The Fabulous Bill Barrett
    Bill Barrett has been the voice of Dan Carlin’s podcasts since they began in 2005. In this retrospective Dan looks back at samples of Bill’s catalog of  work.  
  • EP21 Hollandansandbrook
    Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook stop by to continue the conversation with Dan that began on their own podcast The Rest is History. 1. “Rubicon” by Tom Holland  2. “Dominion” by Tom Holland 3. “Persian Fire” by Tom Holland
  • EP 20 A Republic Lost at Sea
    Professor Barry Strauss and Dan talk about Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar and a host of historical luminaries in a tale worthy of Shakespeare as the Roman Republic goes down with the ships at Actium. Show Notes: 1. “The War That Made the Roman Empire: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian at Actium” by Barry Strauss 2. “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu 3. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History “Death Throes of the Republic”  

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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum

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