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Podcast Waffle House Code: Black
Podcast Waffle House Code: Black

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  • The Cop Talk For Preppers
    Almost everyone is going to be pulled over by the cops at some point; this is what to do when you are. The basic idea is to keep calm, relax, play nice, use your smartphone to record the situation, KISS, let the driver speak, and basically keep a level head.
  • Tactical Basics
    If you already know how to fight, this is not the episode for you. We're going to cover a lot of tactics and strategy, and so you need some basics covered if we're going to discuss them intelligently. As such, we look at tactics and strategy, knife combat and wrestling, skirmishing and ranged combat, how to survive in the field, and even some training and initiation basics.
  • Farming Basics
    Food production is a necessity in any scenario. This is all about the basics: three-field rotation, greenhouses, hydroponics, seed vaults, and which trees you should have for the most yield.
  • Economic Collapse
    One of the most likely apocalyptic scenarios is economic collapse, and is one of the scariest because we've seen it happen already. Here are some considerations for surviving remains after money is made useless.
  • What is a Waffle House Code Black?
    A "Waffle House Code Black" is when things hit the fan; there is no coming back. We look at parameters for prepping in the suburbs as a community, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

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