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  • Megan thee Stallion Case, 2023 Planning, & Being a Good Leader Feat. Ruben Alvarez Brand Shark
    In the final episode of season 6, the final episode of 2022, and the last part of the Quarter Life Crisis series, Izzy discusses the need for young millennials to stand up and lead. Obviously, this easier said than done, but there is a need for this in today's society. Even if you don't realize it, we are influencing others in some way, shape, or form. For the final chapter, Izzy interviews Ruben Alvarez who is a brand consultant and author. HIs primary message is sales will bring you money, but brand will bring you legacy. He has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, yahoo finance/news, Los Angeles tribune, LA Style Magazine, Disrupt, thrive global and many more for his tactics regarding brand development. Ruben is an advocate for businesses and people to create a magnetic brand in which the client comes to you. This episode highlights the importance of being a leader in your industry and he also explains what exactly a "Brand Shark" is. He also highlights the difference being a good leader and a good person, people who want change, but don't take action, the mental struggles that leaders go through that no one talks about, and even the importance of taking a calculated risk. Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump highlighted because of their leadership styles and how betraying your people is what you a bad leader.Ruben Alvarez's social mediaInstagram: @iamrubenalvarez Facebook: iamrubenalvarezRuben's Book: Brand Sharks: Unstoppable Strategies from Industry Leaders: Alvarez, Ruben: 9798428594751: Books
  • "Gaslight" is the Word of the Year, Balenciaga is Evil, & Choosing to Have No Limits Feat. AmRock
    Quarter Life Crisis Returns for the first part of a two-part bonus finale for not only this album/series but for season 6. This episode was mainly inspired by Rome Flynn's interview on a podcast called "Mando & Friends". This week's episode features Amir Harris, who is a filmmaker, writer, editor, and podcaster who currently lives in Baltimore. Millennials always seem to catch the most hell for doing things that are deemed as "foolish" because they break traditions. There are several discussions including being the main character, a discussion about Ashanti, not being ready for greatness, going back to school at an older age, and being an advocate for black men and black boys, even celebrating milestones that don't center around marriage and children. The episode even ends with a discussion about notorious black films like "Soul Plane", & "Pootie Tang,". The most important mental shift you can make as you get altitude on your life and career is to stop thinking in terms of categories and boxes, especially as they apply to you. The spaces between categories and boxes are much more interesting than anything inside the boxes! - Liz RyanAmRock's social media Instagram: @therealamrockhl
  • School Didn't Prepare Us for Life, Men's Mental Health, & Finding Your Tribe Feat. Mitch Hankins
    You need to find your tribe if you haven't already! Episode 21 Savage features Mitch Hankins. Mitch is a cloud-certified full-stack developer who speaks to professionals who struggle to find meaning in life. He has developed his expertise by working with some of the largest organizations in the US, including Nasdaq and the US Military. With over a decade of professional experience, Mitch noticed he and his colleagues often struggled with feelings of isolation. This often led to an unfulfilled life where complacency and loneliness were the norms. Mitch can help anyone with feelings of loneliness to experience a fuller and more connected life. This episode highlights the difference between solitude and loneliness as well as discusses the importance of find a community. God can use people can be used to push you to the next level, or even help you get out of a bad depression phase. Izzy quotes both Tiphani Montgomery & Valerie Moore to tie in his discussion about how school didn't really prepare us for real life, why people tend to confuse anxiety and depression, and why men tend to just suppress their emotions. The topic of dating comes up as in relation to the theory that most people stay in relationships because of their fear of being alone, as we as Mitch recaps hit cross country travel across the country all alone. Mitch Hankin's social mediaInstagram: @thedebuglifeYouTube: @thedebuglifeTik Tok: @thedebuglifeWebsite:
  • Quitting Sex & Alcohol, Not Selling Soul & Being Sober Minded at ALL Times Feat. Benoit Kim
    Season 6 is starting wrap up but that doesn't mean the gems are stopping! This episode features the host of "Discover More" Podcast Benoit Kim. This podcast is a show for introspective thinkers with growth mindsets seeking authentic life stories. His This former policy maker turned psychotherapist who was in the military facing major uncertainties and pivots in life and career. Benoit also discusses his sobriety journey of quitting alcohol 2 years ago, the insights gained and his decision to give up sex with his Gf of 1.5 years at the time to address my moral/emotional incongruence. The episode discusses the power of being sober minded, why we always should strive to be in control, how anger is just a projection of another emotion, and reclaiming sex as a means of love. Benoit Kim's social mediaInstagram: @discovermorepodcastPodcast: The Discover More Podcast
  • How to Keep the People Coming Back Like Thanksgiving Dinner Feat. Frankie Fabre
    After two solo episodes, Izzy is back in his interviewing chair as he interviews Chicago's finest Frankie Fabre. Frankie is the host of "We Are the Brand Podcast" and the owner of Fabre Media. The reason why customers keep coming back and brand loyalty are dissected in their entirety. Frankie talks bridging the gap between the creative world and business and how that correlates with brand loyalty. This episode highlights the fact that we as individuals are our own brands, and we should act as such. The topic correlates business with personal in that regard. The discussion flows following an interesting look at how identity plays into branding, that businesspeople aren't the most creative, self-sabotage and bad relationships, what happens when bad people try to come back in our lives, and both Izzy and Frankie discuss what they are most grateful for in his holiday season.Frankie Fabre's social mediaInstagram: @frankiefabrePodcast: We Are the Brand PodcastWebsite:

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