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  • 361: Imaginary Notre Dame
    Brianna and Simone sit down on a chilly Halovember evening before Thanksgiving to talk about… Notre Dame Cathedral! Rumors have gone around for years that Ubisoft's Notre Dame from Assassin's Creed Unity could help restore the real cathedral after the 2019 fire. Simone has devoted some time to debunking that. Stick around to the end of the show to find out that Master Chief pees in his suit, and also, why. You didn't read this!!
  • 360: Conflicts of Interest
    On an auspicious episode 360, we're looking back at 20 years of Xbox! But first, Nick Guy comes on to discuss the Wirecutter Union and what will happen if New York Times management doesn't come to the table before Black Friday.
  • 359: Sideloading is for Cybercriminals
    Can you believe this website costs $36? Yes, this week we're talking about Twitter Blue, the subscription service that is finally available in the USA. We just can't wait to pay $2.99 to have ads on Twitter! Then, will Facebook's — sorry, Meta's — metaverse take off or is it just another big, empty gesture? Oh, also you're all going to jail if you sideload, you cybercriminals.
  • 358: Anna Delvey's Crypto Corner
    This week on Rocket, Christina and Brianna are dishing on their new Macbook Pros. How fast are they? Fast enough to speedrun Tomb Raider? And just how many steps DOES it take to install Audio Hijack? All that and more. Plus, Steam has officially ruled that no NFT or crypto-based games can be sold on the platform. A bold new move for a bold new world.
  • 357: Facebook Papers
    The Facebook Papers are in the hands of journalists, and increasingly dire reports are coming out about Facebook's business practices. That, and MacBook Pro reviews on this week's Rocket!

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