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Podcast Relay FM - CMD Space

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  • 103: Everything in Moderation, with Matt Haughey
    This week Myke is joined by Matt Haughey. They talk about Metafliter's past, it's troubles with advertising, accidental crowd-funding and the site's future. Make sure that you stick around to the end of the show for a big announcement.
  • 102: The Best Of Both Worlds, with Jared Sinclair
    This week Myke is joined by Jared Sinclair. They talk about balancing being a developer and a designer, and his apps Riposte, Whisper and Unread.
  • 101: Own your identity, with Bryan Irace and Matthew Bischoff
    This week Myke is joined by Bryan Irace and Matthew Bischoff. They talk about Matthew and Bryan's work at Tumblr, the ways people express their identity online and how WWDC 2014 has changed 3rd party developers.
  • 100: 'What Do You Like To Be Known For?', with Myke Hurley
    On the 100th episode of CMD+Space, the tables are turned and Myke is the guest! Stephen Hackett takes the reins to ask Myke all about the history of CMD+Space, why he loves podcasting and what he foresees as the future of the medium.
  • 99: Being Creative, with Jack Conte
    This week Myke is joined by Jack Conte. They talk about his music with Pomplamoose, the struggles of independent artists online and how this led to him creating Patreon.

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