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KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

Podcast KCRW Hollywood Breakdown
Podcast KCRW Hollywood Breakdown

KCRW Hollywood Breakdown


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  • Can ‘John Wick’ 4 perform and attract buyers for Lionsgate?
    Lionsgate Films needs “John Wick: Chapter 4” to perform well at the box office in order to attract potential buyers. Can the franchise deliver? 
  • Netflix says ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to pricey Nancy Meyers’ film
    Netflix passed on Nancy Meyers’ latest title due to budgetary disagreements. Why did the streamer pull back on a deal with a top filmmaker?
  • Stars should keep high salaries, says agency exec at Morgan Stanley Conference
    Can stars keep top salaries under current studio’s austerity measures? An agency exec proposes it at the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference.
  • Warner Bros. golden ticket: Will they make new ‘Lord of the Rings’ films?
    Following Amazon’s release of their expensive “Lord of the Rings” series, Warner Bros. Discovery announced they too want to make new films from the  “Lord of the Rings” world.
  • ‘Ant Man’ gets poor reviews. Will the Marvel invincibility last?
    With its latest movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” getting poor reviews, Marvel Studios may have a creative problem.

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