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Personal Best

Podcast Personal Best
Podcast Personal Best

Personal Best


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  • Introducing: Limited Capacity
    Limited Capacity is a collection of six short stories about the strange and twisted ways we interact with the internet, and with each other. Each immersive episode is packed with intimate and jarring stories that are both completely familiar and somehow confoundingly alien. It’s like Black Mirror for your ears. From the fiendishly clever mind of Rob Norman, co-creator of the hit podcast Personal Best. More episodes are available at:
  • Joe-Joe-Joe
    Joe is a hobo punk anarchist who wants to jettison part of his old self, so that he can step out onto the dance floor. Our final episode of season 2.
  • I Know What You Packed Last Summer
    Two stories. Sienna cries when confronting authority figures. Also, four strangers wake-up chained in a spooky basement...
  • Yours in Trial and Error and Error
    Fan is a poet and writer of love letters. He basks in fantasy, but he's never been able to muster any passion for cooking.
  • Timidly Fierce
    Nick is an actor who has auditioned for over 100 commercials with very little success. Is it possible he's just too cool?

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