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Podcast Answer me this!

Answer me this!


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  • This is not a drill
    We're coming out of retirement for one last job. There'll be a new episode in your podfeed on the first Thursday of April 2023, ie 6 April 2023, and for it, we need YOUR QUESTIONS. You remember the procedure: send your queries to  in written or voicenote form. Your deadline is 13 March.  Do it, because you never know how long it'll be before we unretire again! Your gone but not forgotten friends, Helen and Olly
  • Mr Blobby and the Birth of the Burger (from 'Today In History with the Retrospectors')
    Mr Blobby made his debut on anarchic BBC show Noel’s House Party on 24th October, 1992. Oscar Bilby, of Tulsa, Oklahoma grilled a beef patty, and - for the first time in documented history -  PUT IT IN A BUN - on 4th July, 1891. It is of such consequential and amusing events that Olly's daily podcast, 'Today in History with The Retrospectors' is comprised, and, in this compilation especially for Answer Me This! listeners, he introduces two of his favourite episodes. FOLLOW THE SHOW now to get a ten-minute episode each weekday in 2023! Just search for 'Today in History with the Retrospectors' in your podcast app of choice, or visit  APPLE PODCASTS: SPOTIFY: GOOGLE PODCASTS: AUDIBLE: POCKET CASTS: CASTBOX: PODBEAN: TUNEIN: The Retrospectors are Olly Mann, Rebecca Messina & Arion McNicoll, with Matt Hill. Theme Music: Pass The Peas. Announcer: Bob Ravelli. Graphic Design: Terry Saunders. Edit Producers: Emma Corsham & Sophie King. Copyright: Rethink Audio / Olly Mann 2023.
  • Festivelusionist choice cuts
    Hello! There's a sleighful of fun festive episodes of Helen's podcast the Allusionist over at the and in the podplaces - episodes about Santa/Father Christmas/St Nick's many names, meaty greetings cards, what to do when kids' letters to Santa are delivered to you, and how to write a festive hit for a very Covid Christmas. But, right here in your AMT feed are a couple of Festivelusionist highlights: Winterval, about the term that unwillingly became a byword for the War On Christmas; and How The Dickens Stole Christmas, explaining why Christmas is so damn Dickensian. Also, we have a lot of delightful AMT festive episodes on the feed - seek out ones released in Decembers - as well as our Christmas album, available from! We answered so many seasonal questions, about the Spanish shitting log tradition, the cause of Rudolph's red nose, how come there's a Flintstones Christmas episode though they lived long before Christ was born, and how artificial Christmas trees were begat by bog brushes. Merry Winterval to one and all!
  • AMT400: Sky Dining, Swiss Barbie, and Homing Pigeons
    Well this is it, listeners. After 14 years and 8 months and many thousands of questions, AMT400 is the last episode of the show. But we go out on some terrific inquiries, about pigeon navigation, saving Joni Mitchell's childhood home/destroying Shakespeare's final home, the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, diamond skulls, and eating brunch dangling 150 feet up in the air. Huge thanks to all of you who sent in lovely messages - and songs! - with your AMT-related emotions and memories. We only included a tiny fraction of your affection in the episode, but know that we read/listened to everything. And maybe wept over it a bit too. Find more about this episode, including a mega bonus episode of all the extra answers we didn't have room for, at Keep in touch! Here's how to find the three of us:  Olly Mann is @ollymann on Twitter. His podcasts include The Retrospectors and The Modern Mann, and you can find all of his shows at  Helen Zaltzman is @helenzaltzman on Twitter and Instagram. Her podcasts include The Allusionist and Veronica Mars Investigations. Martin The Sound Man Austwick is @martinaustwick on Twitter and Instagram. His podcasts include Song By Song, Neutrino Watch and Maddie's Sound Explorers - and you can hear his songs via This episode is sponsored by: • Manscaped, a full range of grooming products for your furry parts. Get 20% off plus free shipping with the code ANSWER at • Squarespace. Want to build a website? Go to, and get a 10% discount on your first purchase of a website or domain with the code 'ANSWER'. Stay subscribed to this feed, cos you never know what the future holds. Until the unknown future happens: bye!!!
  • retro AMT200
    For our very last retro AMT, we returned to a favourite from December 2011: AMT200, where we enlisted our families to answer your questions. And, well, it's a novelty not to be embarrassed just by our own past selves this time. This episode originally appeared at . Episodes 1-200 are available at , where you can also get our six special albums. Tweet us Facebook Subscribe on Apple Podcasts  Hear Helen Zaltzman's podcasts The Allusionist at  and Veronica Mars Investigations at , Olly Mann's The Retrospectors, The Modern Mann and more at , and Martin Austwick's Song By Song at . This episode is sponsored by Squarespace. Want to build a website? Go to , and get a 10% discount on your first purchase of a website or domain with the code 'answer'. 

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