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Self Renovaters

Podcast Self Renovaters
Podcast Self Renovaters

Self Renovaters


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  • 23 Through the Looking Glass
    Caroline and Taylor decided to channel some old school self help with a mirror affirmation challenge. And what a challenge it was - turns out facing yourself to say nice things instead of removing facial hair wasn't as easy as the Self Renovators anticipated. Did it help or just create a vampiric phobia of their own reflections? Have a listen!
  • 22 Songstresses
    At the risk of singing their own praises, Caroline and Taylor embarked on a Sing Your Fears challenge - and the results are nothing short of a soon to be award-nominated musical. Join them as they revisit the recordings they made both alone and with family (aka 'Babes'), and find out if the task was an anxiety-reliever or just a big load of song.
  • 21 Bite the Bullet Journal
    BANG! Caroline forces Taylor down a Bullet Journal rabbit hole with the promise of increased productivity. Did creator Ryder Carroll's trendy daily planner system help the Self Renovators, or were they just stuck doodling?
  • 20 The Breathers
    A conscious breathing workshop leads to some trippy experiences for the Self Renovators: Caroline becomes frozen in place, and Taylor rattles through every trauma she's ever had and is reborn. Who needs ayahuasca when you've got good old fashioned air?
  • 19 Grin and Bear It
    The botox-free Self Renovators went on a smiling journey to find out if forcing a grin really can make a difference. Was it a face-breaking success or just a creepy way to scare commuters? Contains pizza.

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Self Renovaters

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