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Car Talk

Podcast Car Talk
Podcast Car Talk

Car Talk


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  • #2331: Hello, You're on Love Talk
    Before we were swiping right and left on our dating apps to find a mate, some of us would go to strange lengths to improve our love lives. If you were truly desperate, and Dr. Ruth's line was busy, you might even call a couple of mechanics doing a radio show about cars for a little love help. A new puzzler and some actual car questions along with your amore on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2330: Leaks, Leaks Everywhere!
    Our show is even more of a mess than usual: Paul's Toyota is dripping oil on his pants while he drives and Suzanne's husband's Ford is leaking gas and stinking up the house. 'Clean up in aisle 4' with the 'Mop-a-lot-zi Brothers' on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2329: John 'BSMHFLSCDBTTMTTTC' Lawlor
    What's in a middle name? Most of us got stuck with a simple middle name that belonged to an ancestor or maybe Mom's favorite bookie. But our Technical Advisor, John Bugsy, Sebastian, Mr. Height, Free Lunch, Sweet Cheeks, Donut Breath, Twinkle Toes, Make-That-Two-Triple-Cheeseburgers Lawlor got a doozy! How did he earn them all? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.
  • #2328: The Singularity is Near
    In Car Talk's version of our dystopian future, all cars are designed by the French, with wiring by the British and emissions systems by Volkswagen. In Kathy's dystopian present her Chevy is already in regular communications with nearby banking systems technology. Can Click and Clack rescue us from the 'rise of the machines'? Find out on this episode of the Best of Car Talk.

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