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Comedy of the Week

Podcast Comedy of the Week
Podcast Comedy of the Week

Comedy of the Week


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  • Mark Steel's In Town
    The famous Blyth Staithes (created for off-loading coal into ships) were the backdrop for one of the grimmest scenes in the Michael Caine classic Get Carter - the smoggy industrial view at the time described by the director as an "absolute vision of hell". Undaunted, comedian Mark Steel travels to this part of Northumberland and finds a fascinating industrial legacy, a posh pub, a very nice beach and prominent indications of its role in the first and second World Wars. Does a town blighted by so many closures show any evidence of green shoots? Mark presents his findings to a local audience at The Phoenix Theatre and as ever gets away with just the right amount of affection rudeness and we learn more about a very distinctive coastal town in the UK. The full box set of all episodes (with well over 50 towns visited) is available now wherever you get your podcasts. Written by and starring...Mark Steel With additional material from Pete Sinclair Production Coordinator...Beverly Tagg Producer...Julia McKenzie A BBC Studios Production.
  • Fred at The Stand
    Fred MacAulay is back at The Stand Comedy Club in Newcastle, doing what he does best - making people laugh. This new series brings another selection of some of the best of stand-up comedians working in the UK right now. Some you’ll know and some you won’t know - yet. In this lively show, Fred introduces four hand picked favourites. Mark Simmons is known for having a joke for any subject under the sun and fires out countless one liners at an incredible pace. Erika Ehler makes her Radio 4 debut with an smart, uncompromising set that ruffled a few feathers on the night, whilst local hero Sammy Dobson set her home crowd straight on what dating is really like as you get into your 30s. Headlining the show is the inimitable Dave Johns, who takes the audience on the journey of seeing Ziggy Stardust for the very first time. Spellbinding, and of course, hilarious. Fred At The Stand is the closest thing your ears are going to get to an actual night in a comedy club. Produced by Richard Melvin. A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4.
  • Rosie Jones: Box Ticker Too
    Stand-up comedy and chat from triple-threat Rosie Jones. She’s disabled, gay and northern. But she’s not a great example of any of these communities and she’s tired of being asked to speak on their behalf. This week, Rosie looks at gender with help from comedian Bethany Black. Society has moved on since the 1990s, and Bethany has had a unique perspective on the change in attitudes to men, women and everything between. Recorded in a live comedy club, prepare to be shocked and disappointed by Rosie’s lack of respect for your expectations. Produced by Richard Melvin A Dabster production for BBC Radio 4
  • The Skewer
    A twisted comedy treat. Jon Holmes brings you the week's biggest stories like you've never heard them before. The news remixed. Welcome to The Skewer. Headphones on. The multi-award winning, 'dizzying, dazzling, haunting and moving' satirical comedy returns to twist itself into these turbulent times. With contributions from brand new and diverse audio talent, The Skewer is the sound the abyss makes as it stares back at you through your ears. 'A kind of concept album made of music and news. There's simply nothing else like it.' AWARDS New York Festival 2020 Audio Production Awards 2020 British Podcast Awards 2020 Audio Production Awards 2019 (Sound Design) Audio Production Awards 2020 An Unusual production for BBC Radio 4
  • Influencers
    Katy Brand and Katherine Parkinson write and star in a new comedy about the online world of influencing, where they play Ruth and Carla – two stars of the online business world. They are bound together by a carefully controlled public image involving lucrative product placement and well paid endorsements. But behind the scenes things are not always so harmonious. We find Ruth and Carla worrying about company finances and plotting their next big move into podcasting to give their shared business a boost. They are taking delivery of all their new equipment when they hear that a rival influencer, Grace Broadstairs, has been rushed to hospital. As she is incapacitated, all her followers are now up for grabs. Wishing Grace well is also a perfect theme for the first podcast episode, A Lovely Chat with Ruth and Carla – if they can just figure out how the microphones work. Award-winning duo Katy Brand and Katherine Parkinson write and star in this sharp new comedy, taking an affectionate swipe at the very modern world of influencing. The podcast A Lovely Chat with Ruth and Carla, as featured in the show, is available as an exclusive bonus in this podcast. Cast: Carla – Katy Brand Ruth – Katherine Parkinson Written by Katy Brand and Katherine Parkinson Producer: Liz Anstee A CPL production for BBC Radio 4

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