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Halshack indie Rockcast

Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast
Podcast Halshack indie Rockcast

Halshack indie Rockcast


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  • Episode 116: Halshack Ep 27.5 Shacknation 11 (Mar 2023) --- Bonus show
    Its time for SPRING and time for us to spring forward into action!! Time for Shacknation 11. New Reverbnation Campaign #6 is underway and almost near closing time. You got one more week to get your submissions into for this campaign for a shot at my show through the Reverbnation Opportunities Program! Weve had about 1500 submissions this go around and have chose 45 roughly for 3 shows! Shacknation 11 and 12 and Rapshack 12 coming soon!Ive been stagnant lately on life and the show! Its time for that to change! Its time to get motivated on more radio shows and starting my plans for a "Shack Hole" down at the Axe Hole here in Lexington, NC and the bigger picture of the High Rock Music Festival "goin down" here in my county (hopefully...planning stages) late Summer 2024. This show is full of surprises and quality talent!! 2nd track is a new comer from Austraila, Xanna Behn, and the 2nd artist to make my radar from the land down under. Shes got a potential pop hit on her hands! Its an earworm folks! Tomboy is no boy at all and shes got massive appeal feeling a bit lucky these days cause shes inflicted with the "Lucky Girl Syndrome"!! This is one of the more unique pop hits Ive heard in many many years. It mixes up about 6 genres in one song and is a throwback to multiple styles of artists from the 80s and 90s. Its a finely crafted tune and well worth worldwide exposure. Plenty more for you to enjoy from indie rock, pop, alt and some indie folk/blues thrown in the mix as well as The Slacksons are making a reappearance from all the way across the giant pond with their funky cool version of STORMY WEATHER! Love having the Brits on my show! You can find my show on some British radio stations as well like XRP and Discover Unsigned Radio!Thanks again to all of these quality artists! More to come from some of them in future shows as always the quality songs stay in rotation here on my show as we are building  a new music universe (old school style) for the next generation of the industry! You can find the show everywhere around the world at my website and find the tracklist on the shacklists can also find it on Podomatic (home), Iheart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Itunes, Stitcher, Luminary and many many more!Thanks for becoming a fan! New shows coming for Shacknation 12 and Rapshack 12!!
  • Episode 115: Halshack Ep 27 SHACKNATION vol 10-- Mar 2023-- Eminem/D12/Disaster Theory (full show/talk & music)
    Happy Spring everyone! Well well do we have  a loaded show for you this month! All new Reverbnation campaign #5 with some combined artist from #6 as well as a special EXCLUSIVE collab with metal band Disaster Theory who joined forces with D12 (Swifty McVay) close friends with none other than Eminem!!! We scored the track here on the show and glowing approval to help promote the band and the song!! Im super honored to have Eminem as part of the Halshack!This is alot more "indie" type episode than usual for us. Something different this time around for your musical palette to enjoy!So much more news to go over! Listen to the show and find out! Ive been invited on to a podcast coming in a week with my partners Greg Goodell and Mike Hoffman as we have a "little chat" with my friend Jesse Blount on The Undiscovered Entrepreneur Sun Mar 12th at 2pm Est!!  If you miss it "live" you can find it later on his podcast feed and Ill more than likely upload it to mine as well!BIG SHOW here folks! Really BIG DEAL for the Halshack and all these awesome artists! Please help and share the show! No one really knows about these bands nor do they know about EMs collab song! Its not owned by Eminem and its vulgar but it has a great message about adversity they have all faced in the music industry! Too cool to be apart of this moment in history! Find the show everywhere on the web! Itunes, Apple Podcasts, Iheart Radio, Podomatic! Amazon Music and many more! Find the shacklist at my website on the SHACKLISTS page and all things my show at Halshack!  New bonus shows coming soon for Shacknation vol 11 and 12! Check out my NEW Spotify playlist series!! See you again soon! Thanks for becoming a fan!!
  • Episode 114: Halshack- 26.5 (Rap Shack 11) Feb 2023- explicit- Warning 18+
    Up for grabs now is RAP SHACK 11, a special R&B focus show for your groove! Bobbin' to the beat of the Halshack to start your new year with Devonne24k and many more new artists from the last Reverbnation campaign!  We got a few recurring artists and some new finds from the last campaign and we just started a brand new campaign #6. Discovered Leroy Booker from the new camp!! Ponder is a cool song! Middle of the show features some suave "indie rap" along with Jawny Badluck in the middle and some eclectic world beat sounds with a few international genre artists to round out the segment. Apollo King 47 bringin' the Latin infused beats along with 2 guys from Nigeria you will love if you're into Seal! Mt Boi and Dibi_Ju!Catch all things Halshack at my website!! Halshack.comFind the Shacklist for the show at the show all over the "interwebs" anywhere!! IHeart Radio, Itunes, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Podomatic and many more!!Thanks for being a fan or becoming one! Show has grown into over 100 countries total but we expanded our city reach this past year by a ton! This year we reached 482 cities in 83 countries! THANK YOU!!!!
  • Episode 1: Skate Shack- Halshack (special exclusive) Friction Skating Rink- Ep 1 (July 2022) rel Jan 2023
    Happy New year everybody! With a new year comes new dreams and aspirations and look no further for yours truly to set off a perfect "harmonic" storm for your winter (or music blues!! Friction Skating Rink in Lexington is the coolest place to be to catch new episodes of this exclusive series made specifically for the skating rink at Grand Opening to get their feet wet and mine too as we will be holding "Shack Hole" events at the Axe Hole connected next door to the skating rink! What a wild combination of skating and axe throwing in the same building...., its a good thing they aren't skating and throwing axes in At the Axe Hole you will find pool tables (Pool Tournaments on certain nights) Cornhole (official Cornhole league tournaments), Punching Machine, Bull Riding games plus much more! Beer, Wine and Sodas and Snacks. Full arcade fun next door at the Skating Rink! Bring the family or book your next event at the Axe Hole/Friction Skating in Lexington, NC!!Plans for a SHACK HOLE are in the works where we will have challenge games for prizes going all night and great party music to rock your night away while I blissfully host your party event! Be looking forward to the announcement!Shacknation 10 and Rap Shack 11 are still in the works for the fans and the artists involved! Ive been too busy with work and the holidays to focus on that! That's the next thing to tackle on my agenda! ASAP! For now enjoy this little tidbit from yours truly to tide you over. Great music for skating or a party in general or just take a drive and dive right in to the cherry picked sounds of the Halshack! Shacklist is on the flyer, it can also be found at my website everything Halshack at my website Find the show on all music servers including Itunes, Iheart Radio, Amazon Music plus many more!SPOTIFY PLAYLIST SERIES is here. Just search HALSHACK ROCKCAST to find many great compilations of our bands libraries from over the years! I'm working diligently to add many more as the months progress!See you folks soon!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
  • Episode 113: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Rap Shack 10)- Dec 2022 - bonus show (Seasons Greetings from the Halshack)
    Happy Holidays everyone!! No time for a proper bio right now. Heading out the door for family Christmas!!Find all things Halshack at my website or listen on Iheart Radio, Itunes and many more!Halshack.comHope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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