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Podcast H3 Podcast

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  • Mr. Beast Sued By Netflix & Nikocado Responds To Us - After Dark #60
    Today we discuss the latest Mr Beast Squid Game video, black friday deals, the week's best fashion looks as reviewed by Hila, & Nikocado Avocado responded to our show!
  • YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE! (Thanksgiving Special) - Off The Rails #20
    On this episode of OFF THE RAILS it's a THANKGIVING SPECIAL edition of YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE! Our queen of the kitchen Sam has cooked up 6 absolutely cursed Thanksgiving dishes for the crew and if they laugh at one of the various videos it's going down the hatch! This one is heavily visual so you'll want to see this on YouTube:
  • Keemstar vs The Quartering 🍿 - H3TV #17
    Today we discuss the clash of titans, Keemstar vs TheQuartering! We also dig into the latest classic video from Channel 5 and much more!
  • How To Own Your MAGA Family This Thanksgiving - Leftovers #8
    On this week's Leftovers Ethan & Hasan give you the TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE to OWN your MAGA family members with FACTS and LOGIC this Thanksgiving!
  • Coming Clean About Hila's Feet Pics - After Dark #59
    This is one of the most action-packed episodes of After Dark to date as we unveil Ethan's latest limb-lengthening procedure results, an invigorating call with the legendary C-Man as he reviews all of our feet, the results of our Bathroom Makeover contest, and more!

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